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Record Store Day 2021 day 2 (July 17th)



  • GeoGeo 1,996 posts

    Looks like my order is set to be cancelled, too. They're giving it till the end of the week. Not sure what that will achieve though.


  • SkezzSkezz 3,746 posts

    Maybe the Aussie consignment had a known delay.

  • GeoGeo 1,996 posts

    Nah, the site said they weren't meant to have been available when they were and they over sold. Instead of telling us (so we could try our luck on Saturday) they kept our money and thought they'd try their luck at acquiring an extra 200 copies (when Aus only got 400 to begin with).

    Those that could go to physical stores have them, so there definitely wasn't a shipping delay.

    They still seem to think there's a possibility they can get it so they're keeping my money until Friday. Thankfully, if it falls through someone in my gig network has promised me a spare!

  • FooZealandFooZealand 207 posts

    I mean to start with there are a bunch of flippers buying to resell that haven't even got their record yet to flip. Sure some do the "confirmed order" BS but many will wait until they have it in hand.

    As time goes by a good number will listen and go well it's Ok/good/great whatever - but I have a digital copy now and a chunk of valuable vinyl I'm prob not going to play again in months so I think I'll maybe just sell it.

    And regardless, demand will start to die off in less than a month and as soon as copies start going unsold prices will drop and then a bunch of people will start to try and sell to get the peak price before it drops too much and there will be even more oversupply. This last bit is what usually starts to happen during the latter part of the RSD weekend itself, then rebounds over the next fortnight, levels off and then slowly drops for a while before steadying out.

    So for sure there will be a lot of mint listened to copies for sale pretty soon even if they aren't sealed. 12 K is actually a lot of records - just this has been hyped by every music source out there for a month.

    I'm definitely waiting for an EU copy.

  • FooZealandFooZealand 207 posts
    edited July 20

    I can go what is maybe even worse than that.

    One of the two stores that I went to on Sat that said they were out of copies actually sold one on Discogs today - copies are like up listed, and gone inside 15 mins if they are in the $130 to $150 US range at the moment, so I'm just looking a few times a day to see if anything is showing any sign of changing... price , sale speed etc. And I just happen to see the name and go holy... what the f.... ??? And then it had sold in 10 minutes. I just happened to be there at the right time. I really don't want to think I was maybe just watching the 10th copy go (or whatever) but it's hard not to.

    Like I said I don't know how all the stores knew they would end up worth so much, but it's clear so many have held back stock... you couldn't buy more than one anywhere I know of and yet listings for 4 to 7 ish were pretty damn common on Sat Sun - so they really had to be indy stores.

    So it will be hard to take them seriously when I next hear them cry oh please support us wo sob poor indies - when they are happy to do that sort of shit or cancel orders to no doubt do the same thing.

  • indianafooindianafoo 17 posts

    Ebay still has ridiculous prices, I thought Medium Rare was more rare than this record, but I guess not.

  • Hub.Hub. 148 posts

    Finally got one on Discogs. Twice the retail price (it could be worse) but sent from Belgium (the shipping cost is really ok and no taxes: I bet it would be more expensive to get it from the US even at the original price).

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