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Record Store Day 2021 day 2 (July 17th)



  • SkezzSkezz 3,746 posts

    Has anyone on here had any luck and a listen through yet?

  • wickedgravitywickedgravity 55 posts
    edited July 17

    Got my luck, scored a copy, didn't listen yet.

    ** edit ... listened to side 1 already. Great sound! Not sure that I love it all that much, it's basically them doing exact covers, I was hoping for more of a Foo Fighter take on them. I can listen to Bee Gee versions if I wanted the exact same thing - although since not a huge Bee Gees fan, I guess this at least gets me to listen to those songs.

    Side 2 next, although I think those are likely live versions that they already put out on youtube previously

  • Does anyone know where to order a copy in the EU. There was no copies sold in Finland, and can’t find any copies available (other than overpriced discogs copies).

  • SkezzSkezz 3,746 posts

    I've just looked at several sites. Seems it sold out in seconds at 6pm

  • FooZealandFooZealand 207 posts

    I've never seen an RSD release like this for a FF release.

    EB Buy Now prices haven't settled and gradually gone down over the day, they've steadily gone up.

    I noticed this quote on Reddit:

    "I was about 15th in the queue today and all 5 copies had gone when I got in. There were people ahead of me who went for it specifically and didn't manage to get it, so I guess it was comfortably the most sought after release today."

    I have always been able to get an EU copy at Banquet Records - but failed this time.

    It seems they didn't have quite enough for the queue - FIVE times the world release size were trying to get lucky at 6pm.

    And that's just one main UK store. 😯


  • I agree! I tried to hit the German HHV store right when the sale started and 5 secs later it was all gone (and so was every other store as well). I was spamming ebay and discogs and managed to score a copy from Italy via discogs. The price was 59€ - almost double the original price. They had no copies here in Finland so this was my only choice. Now I’m wondering if the same will happen with US pressing. πŸ€”

  • I got to my store 20 mins early, there were about 20 in line ahead of me. I saw a lady ahead of me get it and the clerk told her that they only had 7 copies -- I was definitely concerned!!! But luckily for me, I got copy #6 of 7, one was still left, although obviously it was sold out w/in minutes of opening!

  • FooZealandFooZealand 207 posts

    I saw that listing - there were a few Spain and Italy ones at about that price. I figured they would come down and held off, which may have been a mistake lol.

    On the US side I decided after a while I'd go to $50 and started to try and actually buy a couple of copies and kept failing. I'm opening them the moment they show up in the list sorted by BN lowest price... hmmm this isn't pretty I said. Finally on the 5th or so try I got one at $51, then took a nap (wrong side of the world etc).

    Last six hours every listing under $80 has gone immediately, then it was $100 about 3 hours ago, and now $120 BN's are disappearing. Not even trying UK EB - 130+ pounds BN are going straight away.

    It might improve as stock gets cleared up in stores over the next few days and poss arrives late in some places as always happens, but this has for sure been a massive price fuck everywhere so far.

    US rec retail was 22.99 as far as I can tell - UK was as low as 23.98.

  • trevgregtrevgreg 38 posts

    Picked the last copy up at a store after trying out a few during the day. Final price was just over $26 USD with tax.

  • SkezzSkezz 3,746 posts

    So I've been on the rough trade link refreshing for the last 5 minutes with the page open since 9pm GMT. However I'm not in a queue again.

  • matineeidyllmatineeidyll 301 posts

    Had a friend miss out despite hitting up several stores in person, so I directed them to keep an eye on Rough Trade...but I think thousands of others will have the same idea.

    Missed out big-time in the Aussie drop yesterday but got lucky via a friend in the US this morning!

  • FooZealandFooZealand 207 posts

    The only buy nows not selling immediately now are those at $200 and over.

    Three at $199.95...

    not a problem... sold immediately

    It's madness - there is a listing now at $399.95.

    There always used to be legit big west coast stores that came into the fray later in the day and put up stock at basically retail +10 or so and cooled everything down. But even that hasn't happened today - they either have no stock left of have just said fuck it and joined in pushing up the price.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 276 posts

    $399 wow.... I think we created too much hype around it and it became super desirable!!

    I hope I've got one coming, went through ok and I paid for it! Very frustrating the first place I tried I was going through payment verification and then came back as "sorry, not enough stock" which is annoying, I'd rather have not been able to add it to my basket. Tried another place and fingers crossed.... The other store I tried said he could have sold 50 copies and he had 7!

  • JohnsonFooJohnsonFoo 36 posts

    Jesus, if I'd known they'd sell for that crazy a price tag I'd have got out of bed and got one haha. Was hoping/expecting this to end up on streaming services but should've picked one up anyway.

  • FooArchiveFooArchive 225 posts

    It’s on Spotify (albeit unplayable right now)


  • lharris92lharris92 1,340 posts

    in fairness, pressing f5 adds one to the tally, i did about 150 myself out of curiosity. when it got to about half past 6 it dropped to around 24k-ish, and a lot of those are refreshing in the hope one came available.

    managed to get me a copy in Bristol though at Rough Trade... met mr @dave_patch as I was down in Somerset all week, we had a few beers friday evening then just joined the queue at stupid o'clock.

    and those ebay listings sum it up, there was a gentleman who was like 3rd in the queue who put in for 46, yes 46 different vinyl. safe to know where they were all going πŸ™„

    back home now though after some much needed rest yesterday πŸ˜…

  • FooZealandFooZealand 207 posts

    Ahhh ok - not unique visits - well that's a pointless stat then. All the same - even if you tried dividing 60k by a number of refreshes for a solid 30 minutes per person - it's still going to be a big number - and you'd have had the same people on rough trade and other sites all at the same time (6pm) so their attention was divided and they wouldn't have been refreshing non stop on one site.

    I've had a long sleep to wake and find nothing has changed. 12K is a big number. Discogs has 2500 owners between the two releases, so that's probably a good chunk of in store buyers.

    I know they will of course go down in price over time - but it's still been a bit of an eye opener lol.

    Here's the fun link (of devastation) on eBay:


  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 3,370 posts

    its now on Spotify UK

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 276 posts

    .. and Spotty Aus...

  • FooZealandFooZealand 207 posts

    Hey now... don't forget eBay 🀣🀣


  • trevgregtrevgreg 38 posts

    Just downloaded the album on iTunes. Nice to have a digital version, as well!

  • Hub.Hub. 148 posts

    On Saturday morning, I ordered one from an online store located in the Netherland for 32€ ($38.00) + shipping.

    When I see the prices on eBay, I hope they won't cancel it.

  • FooZealandFooZealand 207 posts
    edited July 19

    Considering I missed at my store and bit the bullet and eBayed - seems I only gently scuffed my knees compared to some peoples self inflicted wounds.

    786 closed results when I snapped this today. This grabs all US and all int copies that would ship to the US. From what I see UK EB is only worse. Anyway...


    A handful of no sales and withdrawals.

    Sorted by lowest price incl shipping. The $4.99 is a fan made sticker. Seems someone got one for $15.00.

    There are a total of four listings final price between $32.00 and $40.00. FOUR. So basically NO store has offered copies at RSD prices by Sun evening which I've never ever seen before.

    Then we jump to $50.00 and my buy is highlighted in red at $55.87 shipped.

    By the bottom of the first page of 200 lowest prices (not grabbed way too big), it's at $100 shipped.

    So 786 less 200 obviously 586 listings selling at more than $100 total. That's listings not sales - many were for 3 to 7 or so copies, meaning obviously stores, and possibly quite a few that shifted 50+% of their copies on EB.

    Then another grab sorted by highest total including shipping - just to complete the picture at the other end of 786.


    By the end of that page of 200 going down in price (not grabbed too big) the price is still $152.00 US shipped.

    So 386 listings in the middle (786-400 for lowest and highest pages) sold (most of them) for between $100.00 and $152.00.


  • no codeno code 18 posts

    Couldn't make it to the shops. My wife has serious health issues, so we are not taking any chances here. Ebay and Discogs are full with flippers again. People are asking rediculous prices for a copy.

    Anyone have an extra copy they would sell to me? I know it's a long shot, but you never know.


  • FooZealandFooZealand 207 posts

    For the first release in 20 years I have one copy coming. But I'm certain the prices will drop - maybe not going to ever be cheap, but at 12K it has to settle under $50 eventually surely.

  • no codeno code 18 posts

    You are probably right. It's a "heat of the moment" thing right now. I'll be patient.

  • Hub.Hub. 148 posts

    Just received an email from them: Order canceled. πŸ™„πŸ˜‘πŸ€¬

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