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London tribute concert questions.

northendnorthend 55 posts
edited June 2022 in Tour Talk

This is for all you UK fans.

I am in the States and I had tickets for the cancelled London stadium show. I am now coming over for the tribute show(London over LA any day,lol).

I have a gigs and tour account, I also have a Ticketmaster.UK account.

I notice both are listing the sale dates, and TM is listing a “Past Bookers presale” the day before.

My first question is What is a past bookers presale? How tough would it be to get a password?

2nd- is this accurate that there is multiple sources for tickets?

3rd- if there is multiple vendors who do you guys prefer?

thank you




  • northendnorthend 55 posts

    I got my answer to what the presale was. Since I have purchased with Gigs and tours in the past we should be good to go with presale. Sucks that it’s at 4am.lol

    still would love to know who you guys like to use best between the two.

  • Ha same here - 4am! Glad I already have that day off

  • Huntsy67Huntsy67 43 posts

    Have you guys received your pre sale code yet ?

    I previously booked with gigs and tours for the London gig but haven't received anything from them yet

  • northendnorthend 55 posts

    Not yet

  • BexsterBexster 1,090 posts
    edited June 2022

    I reckon the code won't appear til Wednesday, but that's just based on me guessing rather than any concrete information.

    I don't like Ticketmaster, I avoid them when I can. I know none of the sites are that good, but I've never really had any issues with Gigs and Tours so I tend to lean towards them. Always Twickets for resale as well.

  • northendnorthend 55 posts

    Thank you for the input guys.

    I use Stub Hub over here for the secondary market stuff and have been happy,but from what I understand it’s not the same reliable company over there.

    Twickets can only be face value resale with fees,correct?

    is that the way all secondary markets are over there or is that just for Gigs and Tour issued tix?

  • sunshinewellysunshinewelly 18 posts
    edited June 2022

    is the past bookers only for those who booked for the cancelled London shows. I had a booking with gigs and tours for Villa Park and one through London Stadium directly for the gig there

    or is it open to those who booked for any previous foos gig in the past

    where does it say pre-sale opens at 4:00am?

  • northendnorthend 55 posts

    both presale and regular sale start at 9 am London time. 4 am here in Florida.

  • lharris92lharris92 1,747 posts

    Stubhub and the like people can almost charge what they want, twickets is the only one generally that's face value and fees, plus then the twickets fee - although ticketmaster and seetickets do have something similar on occasion too on their own sites

  • BexsterBexster 1,090 posts

    Yeah, Twickets is face value, but as mentioned, has fees as well. Ticketmaster here keeps tickets to sell on their own resale site at inflated prices.

    Gigs and Tours tweeted earlier that the presale is just for people who bought tickets for this year's dates.

  • just had my pre sale code from gigs and tours - they are unique by the look of them which is good as it means they are unlikely to be shared so more chance that we will be lucky

  • BexsterBexster 1,090 posts

    That was my thought too. They couldn't not do unique codes for this really.

  • Really need to get there. Was in Milton Keynes 2011 but the past bookers presale is only good for bookings since the last year 😜🙈

    Now I'm thinking about making a booking before thursday, to recieved the Code. How do you get it? Via email?

    Can anybody forward the Code or isnt possible?

    best wishes


  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 4,248 posts

    It's for fans who booked tickets for the 2022 UK shows that got cancelled. But not to worry, as there is a the main sale on Friday 👍️

  • Hi thanks for clearing this up... 👌I think the run on Tickets will be massive on friday and I can remember how hard it was to manage it back then in 2011 with a presale link available....

    But lets hope it ll work out 😊

  • sm0kingsm0king 2 posts

    Didn't receive a code. Is there someone who has received a code and does not need it? I'm looking for 2 tickets, maybe someone still has free capacity

    Thanks for everyone who can help :)

  • IamBecIamBec 4,014 posts

    Think they’re sending them out in batches - so keep an eye on your junk folder - also it depends who you booked with

  • Huntsy67Huntsy67 43 posts

    Got my pre sale code Thursday morning 9am

    Fingers crossed

  • skiffyskiffy 19 posts

    Getting stressed! Bought my July 2md tickets through G&T but in the panic of that morning couldn't log in so created a new account using my work email. I've since left that job so haven't received my presale code! And trying to get a response from G&T is like blood from a stone! Arrrgh!

  • AndyAndy 67 posts

    If you know your password for the G&T account using your work email you'll probably be able to log in and change the email address on the account. Sorry if you've thought of that already just a suggestion :)

  • my presale code arrived yesterday at 11:30. I didn't see it in my inbox so just searched my gmail for 'presale'

    The actual subject is: 'FOR YOU: Exclusive Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert Pre-Sale'


    the text from gigs and tours is : 'As a ticket buyer for Foo Fighters' cancelled 2022 UK stadium tour we're giving you access to a special ticket pre-sale to secure yours before anyone else!

    Just hit the 'buy tickets' button* below at 9am on Thursday 16th June and enter the code: {possibly unique code}.


    Happy to share code after I get my tix if I am lucky enought to book them. I first saw Foofighters at Brixton Academy (circa 199x) and smaller venues until finally relented and went to stadium gigs. Met Taylor at the Ryanair baggage carousel on his way to London from Dublin August 2007 after a gig at Marley Park with Nine Inch Nails - one of their best shows and the peak of the Foofighters experience IMHO. I really want to see this gig to get closer.

    I miss him very much and his early death

    I hope you all get tickets and enjoy the show - London obvs.

  • it looks as if those who joined the foos fan club newsletter will also get the code. I dont think the codes are unique as the code i had from the news letter is same as the one i had through gigs and tours so its basically moving Friday up to Thursday as everyone will have the presale code

  • lharris92lharris92 1,747 posts

    Genius play

  • FooArchiveFooArchive 396 posts

    Re: the presale.

    Foo Fighters sold in excess of 220,000 tickets for their cancelled UK dates. I know that didn't equate to 220,000 codes as bookers buy multiple tickets and go to multiple shows, etc. But still, a conservative guess would've seen Ticketmaster and Gigs&Tours issue enough presale codes to sell Wembley out easily.

    Not that it would've worked out that way, as pre-sales only get about 20 - 30% of the ticket allocation.

    I think what I'm trying to say is having a presale code didn't really amount to much anyway...and now it amounts to a little bit less.

  • IamBecIamBec 4,014 posts

    Nowadays if a presale does well they increase the percentage sold at presale level. So they can sell up to 60-70% tickets in the presale depending on the event

  • lharris92lharris92 1,747 posts

    Completely agree, you were probably looking at around 150k with the code I would assume, there's never a guarantee on tickets regardless.

    Lets say it was 150k, you were looking at maybe a 10% chance if people weren't passing on the code. Probably less.

    Now? 0.1% if everyone bombards the sites which is likely

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