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Coattail Riders "Original Mixes" from TaylorHawkins.com around 2004/05?

Checking in to see if anybody still had copies of the Coattail Riders songs Taylor originally had on his website in late 2004/2005? I held onto the couple of songs that ultimately never saw the light of day, like "Half As Much," and the songs with significant differences, like "Running In Place," but was curious if anybody had the full collection of the 12 songs that used to live on his site?


  • GeoGeo 3,406 posts

    I don't have immediate access to it, but it sounds like something that is 90% likely to be on my old family computer that is still at parents house. I'll see if I can dig something out when I visit next.

  • HOSSHOSS 22 posts

    BEAUTIFUL! I feel like I've got some real gems hidden away on my folks' old computer from when I was growing up. Definitely need to do some scrounging as well. Lemme know! Hope you're well Geo :)

  • Genuinely surprised I don't have these! Wayback Machine didn't save them either. I might be able to source them from elsewhere but if Geo can provide, brilliant.

  • GeoGeo 3,406 posts

    If I can find a charger and pull them off my old iPod, you won’t have to wait for me to visit my parents.

    you will have to wait for me to have a day off, though.

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