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The Roxy Theatre - live stream 14th Nov 2020



  • I am so glad they played "Make it Right"! I have loved that song from the first lsiten and sense it has a similar vibe to the new record.

  • ZodZod 2 posts

    Yah. They did two sets. A longer acoustic set, followed by an electric set. Technically they only played 2 more songs than Foo Fighters, but they did a lot of banter with fans between songs. It was pretty amazing how well it turned out.

  • I saw Metallica was very fancy with the wall of fans and apparently Frank Carter had interactive fans as well. Foos was more like a session down the pub... in a good way! Loved Dave's chit chat...

  • RiaRia 108 posts

    ^^ 'Make it Right' is the song i wish i could like more off C&G. From my first listen, it was the one that got my attention. I love how it starts, the verse, it has such a nice groove ..and then when it goes into the prechorus/chorus it's not as fun, to me obv. I like it better live, much more this time and i was thinking the same @WinnebagoHalo14 , it might work better with the new songs.

    Loved that there were surprises! They say it every time when they have a new record, but i feel like they are really pleased with what they've created. 'Holding Poison', as i see from the setlist above, sounds soo good. They were also more comfortable playing 'Shame Shame'

    And of course, i loved their chit chat 😁

  • lharris92lharris92 1,158 posts

    not gonna lie, it's poor form that it was uploaded by some dickhead before the window for people to re-watch it was up.

    potentially stopped them raising a bit more money for charity.

  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 2,872 posts

    if they do another live stream show (soon-ish) would you pay $15 again to watch it live? or just wait to watch it free on YouTube the following day?

  • lharris92lharris92 1,158 posts

    it really depends, if the money was being raised for a good cause then i'd consider it at that cost.

  • matineeidyllmatineeidyll 250 posts
    edited November 2020

    Selfish fans gotta be selfish. They want all the content for free and everyone else to do all the work, then complain because prices keep increasing and miss the part where they directly contributed to that. The show was already much less expensive than if it were in a venue, and some of it goes to the people who are out of work at the moment but who otherwise keep live music as an industry going. Foo Fighters wouldn't come to town without them. They matter. Not paying and just stealing the video also steals from their livelihoods.

  • They could have waited a few days before uploading. I happily paid and I know lot more wanted to but were having trouble paying on the run up. They did extend it into the next day for people to buy tickets which was great so I hope they did to help the cause.

    As usual lots of people saying they thought they should have done it for free or they couldn't afford it. But then that's like a normal gig, if you can't afford it you don't go, there's plenty of people I've missed when things have been a bit tight.

  • BetoBeto 579 posts

    I think I'd pay again as long as they keep it LIVE and here's the kicker, NO SONGS repeated. Now THATs a challenge for Dave.

    And I'd pay top buck for a special obscurer setlist

  • BethMIBethMI 116 posts
    edited November 2020

    it would be interesting if they did another one and advertised it as a deep cuts show, make it clear that the hits will be thin and see how well it sells. I bet it would still sell like crazy. I mean, obviously Dave was missing the audience input on big songs, so the obvious answer is to not play the big songs and then that wouldn’t be a problem. It wouldn’t happen, but honestly, what would they have to lose?

  • Yes! Fans vote for fav 25 songs through 25 years not played at The Roxy last week! What would yours be? Mine:

    1 I'll Stick Around

    2 Good Grief

    3 Wind Up

    4 Up in Arms

    5 Enough Space

    6 Stacked Actors

    7 Generator

    8 Aurora

    9 Live-in Skin

    10 Headwires

    11 Ain't it the Life

    12 Have it All

    13 No Way Back

    14 On the Mend

    15 Cheer Up, Boys

    16 Stranger Things Have Happened

    17 Statues

    18 Summer's End

    19 Outside

    20 St. Cecilia

    21 The Neverending Sigh

    22 T-Shirt

    23 Happily Ever After (Zero Hour)

    24 The Line

    25 A320

  • Somehow I skipped over my favorite album, ever!


    Dear Rosemary

    Miss the Misery


    Good Grief


  • DaveKDaveK 30 posts

    Been offline a fair bit since beginning of December... forgot I ordered the t shirt and poster from this gig. They’ve not shipped yet, right?

  • FooArchiveFooArchive 182 posts
    edited January 9

    So, my T-shirt showed up today after being held ransom for customs fees for Royal Mail - for some reason, as well as the t-shirt, MerchBar listed 2 Koozies (at $15.99 each!) on the shipping label.

    So I’ve paid more than I paid for the T-shirt in customs/handling fees for something that isn’t even in the fucking order.

  • IamBecIamBec 1,832 posts

    My poster appeared to get dispatched a few days ago... but UPS hasn’t updated yet, I’d imagine I’ll pay a fortune in customs tax when it eventually gets here

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