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NZ Tour GA entry process/ tips to get rail please!

Hey folks, I’m going to the Wellington show next Saturday and wanting to get advice on GA process- my goal is rail, what time are folks starting to line up, does the tour mgmt or venues use a numbered wristband system so you can turn up early to get one and then return later in the day? Is it orderly (line up, walked in) or a shambles (open gates and run!). Any advice from recent AU shows or the Auckland and Christchurch shows this week would be greatly appreciated! Cheers


  • Its generally pretty orderly as everyone queues - you line up etc and if you are early or super early people will know you and where you are and Ive never seen any issues with going for water or to the toilet etc and coming back to where you were.

    Once tickets are scanned you will get a coloured bracelet - no numbers.

    Once you are let go from the final gate it is has always been a straight run to the stage (Christchurch in 2015 was no different). If you are near the front of the queue you should make the first 2-3 rows somewhere, as the stage is pretty wide.

    This is the first year GA has been split into two - so the front will have different queue to the rear. No idea how that is going to affect things.

    We did get promised an orderly controlled advance on the stage one year (I think it was Auck 2015) but before they got to go time they had changed their minds and it was just "move the final barriers and let everyone go".

  • lharris92lharris92 1,737 posts

    Enjoy all

  • Was going to respond with that - most venues in Australia initially had the appearance of an orderly queueing system, with Brisbane even issuing their own numbers above fan-run ones, but within an hours of gates opening, it always fell apart. Adelaide was the worst, with tables still being shuffled and security still looking for gate keys five minutes after they were due. So even if the venue takes the initiative, that doesn't necessarily mean it'll stay that way.

  • nzednzed 9 posts

    Thanks for the replies folks! Anyone have any updates/ insights from Auckland?

  • I saw a friend's clip showing that gate entry in Auckland was a total breeze - there was no running whatsoever to the rail, he casually strolled. Why can't it always be that easy?

  • That is because every single bag check / ticket row had scanner failures on mass for over 45 minutes.

    I was 4th in my row (which started a few minutes late as they had no body wand and had to find one). The first person got scanned fine, by which time most every other row had about 7-8 people all scanned through OK.

    Those scanned OK were then all held at the bag check complete point (even those in the no bags rows).

    Back in my row people 2 and 3 both failed ticket scan. Scan guy is looking left and right - everyone else is now having scanner problems too.

    Maybe one or two people scan OK in all other rows as they try a couple of people deeper in each row. Those successful people join the 30 - 40 held at the end.

    I look at my guy try to scan 2 and 3 again - I'm looking at their phones watching them fail again - as I notice oh hey they have the reverse background colour set to me. He clocks this too and reaches over and scans my screen which turns his scanner green - as 2 and 3 and several people in the rows to each side all groan and I'm let through.

    At that exact moment they decide to let the 50 on hold just go - and I join them and we all run for the rails.

    For the next 45 minutes the rails fill in dribs and drabs until the obviously figured out what the fuck they'd done wrong, and then it was a bit of a torrent.

    All that said, it was definitely much less of a dramatic mosh in every possible respect this year. Whether that's because a chunk of people couldn't even try for rail as they chose GA2 rear, or the heat (it was 29/30 in direct sun - nothing much for Aussies but up there for Aucklanders) or whatever else, I don't know. Even at the height of the gig there was not much pushing AT ALL, let alone the violent wave pushes of the past where everyone moves uncontrollably two or three steps.

    And the mosh all seemed younger on average - I could see maybe a dozen people my age if that in the first 5 or 6 rows. I'm guessing many of the older fans do seats now with or without their kids etc.

    So if he strolled in (early anyway) that's the reason. I left many many hundred people behind at the ticket scanner - and they didn't show up for ages.

  • nzednzed 9 posts

    What time are people starting to line up?

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    I've been off here for a few days doing the Auckland trip.

    FooZealand pretty much summed it up but every entry is different, none have been perfect, just different levels of shambles 🤣

    I had a better experience in Ade than Matinee, which worked to my advantage (sorry!) as her side was held up so when I ran on to the pitch no one was on Shifty's side so I got the top corner spot. Sydney was a total mess and despite getting there at 9am we ended up 5 rows back.

    For Auckland we queued from 9.30 but another bunch got there between 6 and 7. We had people trying to start new queues and then just before opening people started joining the queue on the outside instead of going to the back.

    We kept getting bits of info from security guy when the main gates would open, first it was 2, then it was after soundcheck. Foos announced it was 4 but then they said it was 4.30. Anyway, eventually they opened the main gate and then a guy walked us down to the lanes, some tried to go ahead on the outside but we all soon told them to back off. Being first/second in the queue at the lanes we managed to get through before the scanning fiasco happened.

    But the run to the pitch jeez.....

    People were ok at the front, we had two guys pulled out (I'm guessing nearer you FooZ?) towards the end and one girl who was about to pass out. No one jostled etc. Haven't really had that at any of the gigs. But I think a lot of people like seats now, I'm the opposite, always used to do seats but now I'm happy to queue and get down the front. It's a fun day making new friends etc.

    It does depend on the venue and the facilities around it. Auckland wasn't great, it's in an industrial area so all the cafes were shut, there was a Maccas or Wild Bean 10 mins walk away. Everyone was saying it wasn't as well organised as last time, there were portaloos by the gate but this time you had to walk 5 mins away, which isn't horrendous but you'd think they'd think as they know people will queue all day!

    Personally I'd just get there between 9 and 10 and you should be fine for a rail spot but it does depend on entry process. It's when you spread out to get into the lanes and how fast your lane moves! Then I had friends who came along after the pub late afternoon and still managed to get 4 back! Oh and make friends with the people in the queue and they'll hold your spot whilst you go off to do the essential stuff!

    We did do self organised numbers in Auckland but we still had people just trying to join the queue at the front or make a new queue but when we chatted to them, they just didn't know the etiquette. Most of us learn from being in the Foo groups.

    Anyway, hope all this info helps and you'll have a wonderful gig. There really is nothing like being on the rail!

  • nzednzed 9 posts

    Thanks heaps guys! FYI if you haven’t been to the Wellington Stadium before it’s at the end of a very long concrete concourse- not shade, no grass, no or shops nearby, and a good Welly wind & windy day forecast!

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    I just looked at the map, jeez that's stuck out on a limb isn't it?! Looks like it's a long walk back to the train station for facilities. Let's hope they stick a portaloo or two outside for you guys during the day. Auckland doesn't seem so bad now! Hope the weather will be ok, I've experienced Welly wind, it's not fun!

  • nzednzed 9 posts

    Hey guys, I’ve had a follow up reply from Sky Stadium that I thought I’d share, interesting reply basically saying they won’t recognise any pre entry GA queue, thoughts?! (The no running is also rather humorous given comments to date)…

    Just looping back on this one now the Foos have done a few shows here in NZ. We have had intel from the promoter that there have been very few early queuers and that there is no requirement to do a managed queuing system. 

    Of course come gates open time at 4pm, there is a long queue, but it’s on a first come first served basis. 

    Once gates opened and you’re scanned in, you’ll need to have a wristband issued and then it’s is orderly walking to the front section. Absolutely no running. 

    Looking ahead to the weather forecast, it’ll be windy on the Walkway from 9am - 3pm as it’s very exposed out there. So please come prepared for all weather conditions (jacket, sun cream, etc).

    Hope this helps with your planning.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    It does depend on the country and venue. I've only just started doing rail and it's been different every time.

    Santa Barbara I rocked up at 3 to find 30 people but the pit only took about 500, so wherever you were was going to be close! Adelaide I got there at 11 and was 15 in the queue but Sydney got there at 9 and we were number 30. Auckland 9.30 and number 10. Will be interesting to see what is like in the UK, many die hard fans there!

    Tbh most people don't start rocking up until 2ish, that's when it seems to get a bit busier.

    Most venues don't manage the queue except in Sydney because it was going to be so hot that day, the venue did get involved with numbers. It's normally a fan managed thing. If you are there early just watch out for people queue jumping, at Auckland the queue went around the perimeter fence and up the road but people were just coming along at 4 and standing next to the queue at the front.

    It's usually when gates open and the getting in process where it normally becomes a total mess. Try to get first in a lane and make sure you have your barcode and wallet tickets on screen because every GA I've done in Oz/NZ has had issues, turn your screen saver off as well for those few minutes. Walk fast....

    Anyway, hope all goes well and the weather behaves. Unfortunately I didn't win anything on Powerball last night so I won't be joining you 😥 Had the private jet on standby as well 🤣

  • nzednzed 9 posts

    Thanks mate, I’m a veteran of many Pearl Jam concerts and rails and coming from a ridiculously brilliant wristband system in Chicago last year which gave us back the day to leave and return so yeah my expectations have been adjusted to typical shambles setting! Will see what the weather does and aim middle of the day

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    Ah so old hand at this rail malarky! I agree, it's so much better to hand out an official wristband and then come back later, especially with venues lacking in facilities around them. I'd get there at 5 and then go back for a sleep ha ha.

    Have fun! That poster for Wellington is amazing!

  • nzednzed 9 posts

    Yeah I went in yesterday and got the poster, so good ….currently pouring and blowing a gale, anyone in line right now is one hardy soul! Meant to clear this arvo…time to work on a sign- NZ has more cows than people…for all our cows!

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    My friend is down there this morning and apparently they nearly lost the merch tent!

    Hope it dies down a bit, have a great evening and hope your sign gets noticed. So what about sheep? I thought there were more sheep than people? What about the sheep? Dave needs to quickly write a song about sheep 🤣

  • nzednzed 9 posts

    I arrived at 11.30 after the merch tent went flying, #14 - weather is crazy but improving I reckon!

  • nzednzed 9 posts

    2nd person to get to the rail, we were even encouraged to run! Beautiful hot evening now. Thanks for all the help 🤟

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    My friends said you were encourage to run, wow, that's unusual! Well done on rail! Looked a great evening, Dave seemed a bit more playful from what I've seen. Have big bruise on my leg from kicking myself for not including Wellie at least in the trip... arghhh! lol....


    New Zealand: "Run for it, Charlie! Run straight home!"

    What a turnaround!

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