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Foo Fighters donate mystery signed item to Crobar Raffle

Just saw this online:

I wonder what it is....

I don’t use my Facebook much anymore so I’ve not idea how you enter etc... but cool either way :)


  • wolwol 1,528 posts

    Ooh that's super interesting 😍

  • IamBecIamBec 1,773 posts

    If you find out how to enter, let us know! πŸ˜‚

  • wolwol 1,528 posts

    I'm not on Facebook but yeah, I shall do some investigating πŸ‘€

  • lharris92lharris92 1,113 posts


    To buy tickets, simply buy them from us via Paypal. Prices are as follows:

    1 ticket = £4 (about the cost of a beer or shot!)

    3 tickets = £10

    4 tickets = £12

    To buy, send the money to our Paypal, with your name and number of tickets as a reference, and we will send you a confirmation email of your entry. Paypal address is THECROBARRAFFLE@GMAIL.COM. Please select the ‘friends and family’ option when entering.

    We will be running this for two weeks so don’t sleep on it! Winners will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram, and also contacted by email. They will be picked by a random number generator.

    Please note this is not fundraising for our future, but more a thank you to our staff. Announcements on crowdfunding for the future will follow in due time."


  • I hadn't realised that Cro was shutting down. Sad times.

  • FooZealandFooZealand 94 posts
    edited September 26

    What strikes me most about this (typical awesome band gesture aside) is how stupidly connected this shows they stay to what's going on in music.

    We're talking about it - with even UK people going - Oh, really - the Cro is shutting?

    Meanwhile... the band isn't even in the UK, it's the middle of a Pandemic, what prob seems like half the state is on fire, they already know, already decided what they'll do, already contacted the bar, and it's already been confirmed and announced. Visions of Dave sitting in his glasses and slippers at 3am trawling the internet "...which motherfucker can I help today...".

    Landlords AND insurance company - don't forget those last greedy fuckers they are really even more to blame here. Bar seems to have had what they thought was good cover for wages - only to find out as so many have that in the small print there are exclusions for "unforeseen acts of god" or similar bullshit. Sure happy to take your money for years and years... paid for cover? what cover? well you can cover your burnt ass with the policy - oh no wait its all digital now - guess you're fucked there too...

    And landlords doing this - WTF are they thinking? They have 50 other tenants chomping at the bit to jump straight into the space at full price... um not. 5 tenants chomping... um nope. One tenant willing to move in temporarily at 75% rent... maybe if they are VERY VERY lucky. Goodwill to any business perm relocating to that site... prob minus 200% trade. Watch while the fucker prob sits empty until the end of the pandemic - when prob no bar will want to touch it. Greed - what a wonderful thing it is to see (the results of biting fuckers in the ass).

    I think I've just used up my Sunday rant 🀣

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