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Beachlife Festival

Both Chevy Metal and Shifty are playing at this festival. So cool.

Im going to this in preference to the foo festivals. Really excited - will be a lot of fun.

Anyone else going?

@Tai ???


  • TaiTai 543 posts

    I checked the cost and I just can't... wish I could but I'm going to Boston in May and planning to do Hawaii for my 20th anniversary in October. It sucks trying to be all responsible, but I gotta.

  • Poppy4580Poppy4580 1,002 posts


    Adulting and responsibilities suck.

    There will be 1 day tickets released later this month which will be a heck of a lot cheaper than the weekend ticket.

  • GeoGeo 3,419 posts

    Also, Trever Keith! Are Portkeys a real thing, yet?

  • 1 day tickets went on sale today $105 GA $275 VIP

  • Poppy4580Poppy4580 1,002 posts

    This has now been postponed to a later date due to Coronavirus.

    Chevy and Shifty may not be able make the rescheduled dates depending on what is going on with Foo and foo tour dates.

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