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55 Year Old Man Makes 19th Gig - Auckland 2024

This did a lot to make up for the broken leg front mosh to very rear disaster of 2018.

Security guys were awesome - water all night... and willing photographers lol


  • Oh and unbelievably (like it was some sort of reverse fortunes sign) I got ANOTHER buggy ride... as I was walking in the far side to Gates A,B,F a guy goes past and says what gate are you headed to and I say F - oh the far one, right hop on... and he takes me on a more direct route - and they have to open the Perimeter gate so that I can join the GA1 queue from inside... it was hilarious.

  • lharris92lharris92 1,729 posts

    Ah nice, hope it was a goodun

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,311 posts

    Oh damn it, wish I'd know you were there as I'd have popped round to say hello! We were in front of Nate.

    How was the show from that spot? I did consider it but I'm short, even with my gig platforms on so I wasn't sure how much I'd see of the whole show. But I might give it a go on another one if they have the runway and the stage isn't too high. The stage was much higher than I've seen recently, so the security pit was deeper as well.

    Glad you got a ride! We queued from 9 am and after the Sydney fiasco I wasn't going to get left behind on entry. We had people coming at 2 and trying to join the queue on the outside lol... if there is a queue you go to the back!

    I don't know what it was like when you got there but the ticket scanners wouldn't scan apple wallet tickets. I was in a panic in the morning as TM locked me out of my app and web account. Thankfully the Wild Bean cafe down the road had wifi so I was able to get the ticket up on screen. The security people hadn't been briefed on how to use the scanners, so we said, practice on us, so that cut down a bit of entry time 🤣

    Then the run to the floor and those steps!! A breakaway group ran to the left and then found their way through down the shorter steps, I should have followed them! Then after the first group got in, then nothing, where was everyone? Seems there were more scanning issues after we had got through.

    Anyway, once in etc it was a great night, so glad we went especially with the added bonus of Jack Black! Had the pleasure of meeting Jack the next night, he was so sweet! Unfortunately his pal wasn't around 😢

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