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  • Oh, the hardship he's suffered from it while making bank off reminding everyone that he's that kid every chance he gets

  • What worries me is the basis for justification to reopen is the fact the album was reissued since he started moaning. That could lead to a separate claim of child abuse for every single time there was a repress or new manufacturing run done for cds etc. God only knows what it means for streaming.

    Normally you'd shrug it off and laugh - but given the current state of America who the fuck knows what the wrong court on the wrong day is possible of deciding in a worst case scenario. The idea someone suddenly agreed hey it IS child exploitation etc and then went oooow how much jail time is that then doesn't seem at all far fetched if you've followed some of what has been happening in US courts.

  • The mere insinuation that anyone in the band knowingly and willfully distributed CP through the premise of making an album is beyond foul.

  • I know, of course it is - but that's exactly the sort of shit that is happening to people in some parts of the US. Stuff getting twisted, turned around, taken to extremes and then extruded into all sorts of fucked up insinuations over innocent intentions/actions.

    When I say it worries me, I just mean that its not impossible something more could be attempted to be made out of it - not that it is ever likely to happen. And Dave's got more than enough firepower to deal with it - unlike most other cases where people haven't.

  • Oh, I totally agree, just the fact it's made it this far (and been resurrected) is putrid and symptomatic of a deeply flawed and inconsistent system.

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