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Aussie Tour!

Catching up with all the pics and videos from last nights gig in Perth!

Seems like they've given us a few nice pressies in the set list, Stacked Actors, Arlandria and Statues!!

Packing for the southern part of the tour today! Wish me luck on aiming to get a couple of rails!


  • This tour is already shaping up to be a pretty great return, going by what they did on their first night in Perth - I don't usually get my hopes up based on what they soundcheck, but they actually came through! Fingers and toes for a good rail spot and to not get rained down again, at least not at Geelong levels.

    I'm doing Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane, as well as Shifty's Syd show. Hope to meet some of you there - i'll be in a FooFightersLive.com shirt!

  • GeoGeo 3,406 posts

    I just got a warning that the Airtag in my jacket is low on battery. Can't afford for it to get wet, and lost again 😅 (guess I'll be hitting the shops before my flight tomorrow!!)

    I'll likely be in my Grave Rohl shirt (charcoal or baby blue) - blue hair. Say hi if you spot me 😁

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

    We'll be at Ade GA, 2 Melbs seated and Syd GA and Shifty Mel. Syd is looking to be 40, hope not! Ade is looking ok as it Mel at the moment but we know that can change!

    Not sure on shirts yet but I'm ginger with a red streak in my hair will be with a ZZ Top bearded bloke... we're pretty easy to spot 🤣

    Hope to meet you both!

  • GeoGeo 3,406 posts

    My app has Syd at 30 so far. 40 can fuck right off.

  • matineeidyllmatineeidyll 842 posts
    edited December 2023

    Ended up at 43 or so. It was seriously gross. (Saw more than one person puking in the pit, poor things.) BUT most of us made it, high fives all around.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

    One time I looked it was almost 42 that was around 1-2 when that wind coming up the avenue was like being under a hairdryer. Thankfully we had a bit of shade at Gate E by then and the temp dropped about 10 degrees when you stepped in to it.

    We did make it, no feeling faint, no headaches, amazing! However, I did plan well, read a lot of tips off the Taylor Swift Reddit sub from medics on there, I knew most of it but glad I had my logic confirmed! High fives to everyone but I did feel sorry for people who didn't make it or were carried out during the gig.

    It was a fun day despite the heat, we had a laugh in the queue and made some new friends.

    The worst part of it all was the shambles trying to get in. I still can't believe what I saw when that bunch of kids (without numbers) on the left just stormed security whilst the rest of us were getting checked. In the end I just flashed my clear bag and ran only to be held up by the stupid scanners. Unfortunately we didn't get quite a good a spot as we should have done and it would have been fine but of course I get the tallest person at the gig in front of me!

  • There was a lot of talk after the show and in Brisbane about filing complaints with Ticketek and/or Accor over how badly they cocked that up. Over at our gate, we were teased with promises of an orderly and fair entry process based on their own number system...then ten minutes before they were due to open, someone else took over and abandoned it, so it was a free-for-all. If they'd just stuck with it, even the issue with tickets not scanning might've been handled better.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

    Yep it was the same at ours. The original security guys were great, sprayed us with water, offered water and sunscreen and they were the ones handing out the numbers and told us the process.

    Then when we were starting to line up this other guy comes out, tells us the process. So Debbie said, what about the numbers and he just shrugged and muttered something about self organising, oh how we laughed. Anyway, those with orange bands did kind of shuffle around and people with higher numbers did move back. Then of course they removed the barrier and then the stampede.

    They could have easily processed batches at a time, no orange band then move back.

    Accor sent me a survey, I marked them low for entry process. Then there was a box for comments and I accidentally did a return and off it went without me getting my rant out! I think I might still email them, just to get if off my chest!

  • GeoGeo 3,406 posts

    The one side of Melb's had a champion of a security guard that took it upon himself to police the Foo Crew appointed numbers, provided sun screen and bug spray, found some umbrellas dumped from a previous event and routinely refilled everyones water bottles with cold water. His name was George. What a dude.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

    Yay for George! The two guys who looked after us in Syd were great, it was just that other twat who let it all down. Same in ADE, the guys looking after us were great. Let people inside to do a toilet run (instead of walking the 15 minutes to the portaloos round your side) then another security guy in the arvo said nope no more.....treks off to the other side for final visit. It was okay though because I bumped into a FB friend who I wanted to meet!

  • GeoGeo 3,406 posts

    Adelaide was ... mostly fine. Until the doors were meant to be open and they decided to shuffle the bag check tables...and the gate was still zip tied and padlocked 5 minutes after door time.

    The metal wand definitely went off on my belt and I'm pretty sure my ticket never scanned but the door crew clearly saw the anxiety and just let me go 😂

    Those toilets also didn't have any running water for...a long time 🤮

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

    Your delay meant I got the corner spot on the rail! We ran and hubs got a spot by Nate and said see what's round the other side, I ran round and no one was there. I charged past some teens and couldn't believe my luck....

    I have to say the entry for the Aus gigs was a bit haphazard. The US gigs were better, the stations were more spread out and we walked through airport style scanners, wanding takes too long.

    Oh, must have been working by the time I went round to use them!

    I've written to Accor, very nicely but made my point. Doubt I'll get a reply but I feel better for doing it!

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