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Hellfest France 27-30 June 2024

Europe here we come!


  • looks like they are doing Sunday 30th

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    I'm still hoping they'll add Nimes Fest to it, it starts that weekend and they've only just announced a handful of people. I had tickets to it for 22 😥

  • GeorgiaGeorgia 202 posts

    God it would be good if they did Nimes! Looked like an awesome venue.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    It is! I didn't get great seats as I booked late, I think the original date was in 2020 so a lot had gone by the time I booked. I didn't even know if I'd get to France as it was still in the middle of Covid and we had the travel ban in Oz but buying the tickets made me feel so good! I had a gorgeous old hotel booked as well and loads of my Foo friends were going, it would have been awesome but alas...... ☹️ So I do hope it gets added back into the schedule!

  • IamBecIamBec 4,014 posts

    Happy they’ve announced a Euro date but this feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere - would be a bit difficult to get to I think.

    Nice line up though.

    Wouldn't mind Nimes either - would be good if they rebooked that

  • I was looking at European Festival shows in the dates between Hellfest on the 30th and the NY show in mid July and the below all fit into the gap they have.

    Rock Weircester, Belgium

    Roskilde, Denmark

    Open'er Festival, Poland

    NOS Alive, Portugal

    Mad Cool, Spain

  • well i was right with Roskilde, Denmark :)

  • Rock Weircester, Belgium also confirmed 🤣

    bold prediction time but I think....

    Wed 3rd July - Open'er Festival, Poland

    Thur 11th July - NOS Alive, Portugal

    Sat 13th - Mad Cool, Spain

    that's everything that will fit in the gap between UK tour ending and US tour starting on 17th July

  • this is getting silly now ha ha.

    Wed 3rd July - Open'er Festival, Poland confirmed today

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    Surely the guys will want a bit of a break between Europe and the NA tour starting?

    Looks like Nimes won't happen now ☹️ their calendar has filled up and so has Foos. Oh well hope for 25.....

  • yeah, i was just thinking those are the only other likely dates that fit the 10 day gap :)

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    I just checked Foos and Nimes slots, the only dates could be 5 or 9 July, taking into account they don't play 2 nights in a row.

  • the Belgium date works perfect for me and I have some friends also attending so we are going to do that. Always a good line up there also :)

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    Awesome! I have a few friends considering that one.

  • I had a little thought they might do Leeds/Reading as the US dates stopped mid August but yesterdays announcement has confirmed not. Probably do that next year.

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