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HOG Fest Milwaukee!

Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

Just attended both days, Green Day were amazing on Day 1, lots of audience participation plus a proposal on stage! They pulled a young girl up to sing, she was staying at hour hotel and a big cheer went up when she got back from the gig! Another young girl was invited up to play guitar and they let her keep it!

But to Foo's.... having scouted the venue on Friday, we decided to aim for rail in VIP. We got second line but in a good spot on the corner. As you know it's a long day waiting but at least in VIP we had a bit of space and could sit down, GA was sardines all day at the front. It was also so hot and humid all weekend but yesterday wasn't as bad as there was a little haze to diffuse the sun. T-storms were forecast but in the end the only rain we had was as The Cult were singing Here Comes The Rain, which was hilarious.

It was oh so worth it though, to have Foos and Dave so close was incredible! The stage wasn't super high which meant we were probably nearer than normal.

It was a great show, not too deep for this one, they only played Rescued and Under You from the new album. They dedicated Aurora to T, Dave said it was still weird....it will always be weird because that's what happens when you lose someone 😞 It felt like a normal show, Dave was having fun.

Josh was amazing in the flesh, you could feel those drums in your chest! It was great to see Dave interact more with Shifty and Pat during guitar breaks.

All in all it was worth every penny we spent on the trip, especially as Himself was so excited to go to Harley Mecca!


  • trevgregtrevgreg 54 posts

    I was there as well and basically agree with everything you said. Got to the line about 12:30 and even with a line hold up, I ended up being somewhere less than ten rows from the stage, with no one tall ahead of me! The lower stage set-up definitely helped as well, as did some nice people around me who helped pass the time and the occasional water!

    Definitely a different show from the ones I've seen before, but it was still great and definitely nice to see the boys again. Josh is more than capable at his job and seeing the crowd chant Taylor's name before Aurora was pretty awesome too. Loved the new arrangement on No Son of Mine, as well!

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

    It was such a different day to Friday! People charging for the rail in both VIP and GA! Friday everyone was so casual about everything!

    We had a good bunch around us, including a few 606ers that I’ve chatted to online, so nice to meet them in the flesh!

    The Taylor chant and roar was incredible!

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