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Rock am Ring, June 2nd 2023

BexsterBexster 1,085 posts

Did anyone else watch the livestream (or go) last night? Was fun to watch and interesting to see how the dynamic has changed.

The sound levels were off I thought, at least on tv. Couldn't really hear Nate in the mix.


  • Foo3001Foo3001 283 posts

    This was the 1st time I fell asleep watching a FF stream! Hope it’ll be uploaded somewhere..

  • BexsterBexster 1,085 posts

    I was good til Aurora when I nodded off a bit 😁

  • IamBecIamBec 4,014 posts

    Yeah the sound was a bit off I guess - but I feel like that’s kinda standard at festivals.

    Was nice to see them though.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

    I watched it and stayed awake! Really enjoyed seeing a whole gig and not just snippets, got a much better feel how things are now.

    I also felt a little of the heaviness from the first couple of shows had lifted a bit, until Aurora! But again I’d only seen snippets of them. They are seemed a bit more relaxed, Dave was chatty. Josh was beaming, the others smiling which is amazing for guys being held against their will (see Angry DG thread!)

  • Foo3001Foo3001 283 posts
    edited June 2023

    Watched it online, just finished it!

    I hate to be that guy again but they are pretty far from being a ’band’.

    We all knew it would be close to impossible for them to be the band they were, and I have to say the show was good but not fun like it used to be.

    Josh still needs to get shows under his belt to have things really cooking, surprising how many songs lack the feel they kinda need to have.

    It’s shattering to see DG so sad in the T bits, for example Aurora in this one.

    Dunno if theyre ever gonna be as good live as they were. The fun of the shows was a big factor, now it’s just a great rock show, but not special like before.

  • BexsterBexster 1,085 posts
    edited June 2023

    If anything, doing festivals before shows seems a better way to 'practice' being a band together. It's not just Josh, it's Chris singing backup more, and Nate beginning to sing a little more up there. There's a lot to test out, it was never going to be the same.

  • I was there and I don't think the negative review reflects the show or Dave at all.

    Yes it was different but it will always be different now. Foo's had become the best live band in the world before Taylors passing and they nailed it every night with a great variety which worked so well for them. It made all performances feel like one offs.

    They are rebuilding now but in a very brave and best way. They have changed the arrangement on many songs and it worked but obviously didn't sound or feel like gigs from Taylors years.

    Dave looked like he was really enjoying himself as did the rest of the band. he had plenty of interaction with the crowd and it was a great atmosphere and performance. I think the lack of bells & whistles is deliberate and as the band grow together again this will follow.

    Josh was absolutely phenomenal mind. I think the way he has come in and not tried to emulate Taylor but also not be intimidated by the size and pressure of playing with the Foo's cannot be understated. It's very clear that Dave enjoys playing with him also.

    The whole live show process is a journey now. If you want polished and perfect performances then wait a year or 2 but where the band are right now is incredible considering what they have been through.

  • GeorgiaGeorgia 202 posts

    Attended Rock Im Park last night, was mega!! My 27th Foo show.

    I hadn't seen Rock Am Ring stream so expected them to just walk on stage like they did for first gig back, but no it was guitars rattling.... Gig by gig they are finding their feet and it's a pleasure to watch.

    New Way Home was a glorious surprise.

    Managed to get a setlist at the end.

    Josh is a BEAST on the drums. 👌

  • 27 wow some effort that. glad you enjoyed it. Rock AM Ring was great. Very long slog from UK though but worth it.

  • GeorgiaGeorgia 202 posts

    In travelling back to UK now... Got a flight cancelled already, all worth it. 😋

    Glad you enjoyed rock am ring, can't wait to watch stream back tonight!

  • anyone have a link to the stream?

  • thank you thats great.

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