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  • The video.

    The band walking Dave forward.

    I’ll need to take it all in properly in the a.m., this is a lot.

    (But also: Finally a ‘proper’ music video, and one that confirms Josh is a full-time Foo)

  • BexsterBexster 1,085 posts

    Wow. That's a song and a half!


  • FFPheebsFFPheebs 35 posts

    That was a very trippy video. Song is great. Quite a journey, this one. So much to take on board with the song length, visuals, lyrics and generally everything. Going to have to see it a few times, but yeah wow

  • IamBecIamBec 4,014 posts


  • BexsterBexster 1,085 posts

    It feels like there's a discord running underneath the whole song that stops it from being a comfortable listen, even the slower section in the middle where there's a bit of respite. Like when you just don't know how to feel and this stuff just knocks you sideways.

  • Foo3001Foo3001 283 posts

    I feel this is mostly improvised.

    I like it, at this point there’s no limitation on what they ’could’ or ’should’ do. If they want to get weird, they will get weird.

  • BigColBigCol 973 posts

    This is probably the most interesting song they have written in years. So many time changes. Nice riffs. Heavy and soft. Very different and not the radio friendly Foos at all but totally epic.

    @Bexster I agree on a sad and uncomfortable undertone too.

  • BexsterBexster 1,085 posts

    It's interesting because whenever Dave goes, we're going to do something really different, it never is really. There were signs of it I think on MAM with Shame Shame, and Chasing Birds, but it's still within this really comfy bubble. This song in particular, shows that they really can do something different, and I hope the realisation of it continues.

    The jangly guitars in the middle section really struck me this time round. They sound lonely?

    Agree, it is really epic.

  • elaybloozeelayblooze 25 posts

    I think it's absolutely Sublime song and video. I almost don't have words for it just keeps nodding along with this EPIC!

    Thanks Dave and Foos for this to remind us of the living we have left to do. It's beautiful music and riffs which reminds me of everything from Nirvana to the music of their lives over 3 decades and beyond.

    It's a new path forward, something like how I felt after 2003 when my mom passed to the other side. I spent lost months hearing Red Hot Chili Peppers and yes the Foo Fighters grand All My Life and Times Like Thesecto keep on keeping going. Namaste Ole


  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

    I’ve only got chance to see it all the way through once due to slow plane wifi.

    Lots to take in, maybe I should have listened first and then seen it with the video.

    Love the song/music but then I love a good 10 min song that takes you on a journey.

    But the lyrics, taking me back to losing Mum and friend and being with them both at/near the end. Eke….

  • AndyAndy 66 posts

    That was beautiful. The video elevates it to a whole other level.

  • This is their first video using AI-generated art (confirmed by Violet on Twitter).

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

    In reply to the person who thinks there are way too many triangles and symbolism in the video and Foos have joined the Illuminati… 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • BethMIBethMI 255 posts

    I absolutely *love* a lot of the themes and sentiment in this video, I do wish the execution wasn’t quite as silly

  • It's rated #4 on RYM music site, their highest single rating since Everlong, and amazing like this song. 🤠✌️🎵💙

  • BetoBeto 1,228 posts

    Anyone else listens to a little bit of A320 here?

    It's driving me crazy since I first heard it and I don't know if its just me.

  • BigColBigCol 973 posts

    I just read that “ hey kid, what’s the plans for tomorrow” were Virginia’s last words to Dave. How sad is that? 😞

  • For those who haven't seen yet: "About some songs there is no confusion. “The Teacher,” a 10-minute opus, is a tribute to Virginia, even quoting her last words to Grohl, who kept vigil bedside in her last days. “Hey kid, what’s the plan for tomorrow? / Where will I wake up? / Where will I wake up?”" (The Atlantic)

    I did wonder if his increasingly desperate "WAKE UP" were echoing her words as she faded away. Damn.

  • BigColBigCol 973 posts

    Yes. Knowing that puts the whole lyrics into perspective.

  • IamBecIamBec 4,014 posts

    Sad and very relatable… 💔

  • SkezzSkezz 7,372 posts

    I thought "what's the plan for tomorrow?" was probably something she would regularly say to him while she was out on tour with him and they'd be moving on to the next town and the where will I wake up being an extension of that.

    I projected my grans passing on to this track.

    The who's at the door line hit me the hardest because as news came that my gran was dying lots of people turned up to see her on her death bed to say their goodbyes and the door was constantly being knocked. And then Rest following on the album is a real one, two gut punch.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

    I’m just still amazed how Dave has managed to write and sign these lyrics when they are so personal. Every time he sings them he will be back at those moments. Every time I hear some of those songs I’m right back at my Mum’s bedside as I was losing her. Rescued is losing my friend, the opening lyrics just relate so much.

    Maybe they were things she said to him as a child or on tour and then they came back to her…

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