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Australian tour 2023/2024?



  • I saw the “Ultimate” tickets in the lead-up and immediately knew it was a rip-off. Nearly $600 for a side seat near the stage, that’s highway robbery.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    It’s pretty disgusting tbh. I paid extra for platinum for Phoenix to be in block one (still hoping for a pit ticket to pop up 🙏🏻) but it was $100 over block 2, not well over double the price!!

    I could have paid it for ultimate but I’d rather attend another gig!!

  • Well done! all worth it!

    Have you seen the Metallica pricing structures? they are crazy. So many different options all of which involves paying a fortune for different fan experiences. anymore and you would have been paying for the opportunity to wipe Lars arse 🤣.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    Yeah, so many bands have so many different fan experiences. Well I guess someone would go for that!

    But $600 for a ticket with no experience is taking the custard cream! The A reserve were $229 and many of them were on the sides right at the back of the pitch, to me that would be B pricing.

  • its very expensive and relaying on hardcore fans to cough up.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    I’m pretty hardcore and as I said I’d happily pay if it meant a beer with the band! But for $350 extra I can do another gig!

  • yeah totally. Glad you got the gigs you wanted

  • EdFurlongEdFurlong 311 posts

    Was hanging out for decent A-Reserve seats in the Amex pre-sale that never eventuated, so I waited for the Frontier Touring one. Same deal, so I got front GA instead for Sydney. Looks like me and my bottle of painkillers are going to get reacquainted for that night.

  • matineeidyllmatineeidyll 846 posts
    edited June 2023

    Second Melbourne show just announced! Sale starts (as part of Frontier presale) in a few minutes

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    Arghh! Last time they announced the second show between Frontier sale and general.

    So I didn’t stress too much about waking up for 5am to see if I could get better seats for Monday.

    Then I see Wed already on sale, GA1 gone and not giving me anything good in A reserved. 😞 So alarm will be set for Thursday and keep fingers crossed!

  • GeoGeo 3,419 posts

    I guess that makes it 5 shows for me, now.

  • Not completely ruling out the second Melb show, so long as I can find some loose change in the couch

  • GeoGeo 3,419 posts

    I mean if that’s all that’s stopping you, I’m sure I can call in some favours

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    Tried again for the Mel 6th this morning at 5am 🙈

    In really quickly, needed 3 seats as our friend who lost her partner said she would like to go. Nothing, absolutely nothing in A reserve other than around the back!

    In the end we hubs and I both managed to snag 2 pairs in the same row in a nearer block but right at the back. It’s not ideal but the best we can get.

    Someone in Perth commented all they were offered were at the back, so who the hell got the good ones? 3 sales and only crap seats offered for top price!

    It’s just disappointing as for the canx gig I had really good ones 😞

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