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  • Foo3001Foo3001 284 posts

    So good

  • I love it already and its growing and growing.

  • Amazing!! ... I mean that they have a new song! As for the song, 1 listen, seems good, need to hear it a few more times.

  • to me this sounds like dg on drums (based on how the toms and the snare sound) and given that this i correct i find the drums on this track very interesting.

    -the hi-hat pattern in the beginning of the chorus (are you thinking what im thinking) is the same as the pattern on the verses of everlong, but the feel is closer to the way th played it live than the way dg played in studio.

    -the snare paattern on the first crescendo (we`re all just waiting to be rescued tonight...) sounds very much like the snare pattern for the chorus of the song In your honor(might be a different pattern, but same feel), a song that im almost 100% shure was first demoed by dg before he played it with the full band (based on the making-of video that followed the album).

    -how that same crescendo ends on a tom and not a crash (leading into We`re all free to some degree) sounds like something th would do a lot live (and also leading into the final loud part of Best of you).

    -several of the timechanges feel a bit like Best of you.

    -the drum sound somehow reminds me of the album wasting light.

    i find this very interesting because taylor hawkins for 25 years have been emulating dave grohl (obviously with his own touch) and now it sounds like dave grohl is emulating taylor hawkins. it is a beautiful full circle thing.

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