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  • Half of me wants to cross my fingers and hope with all my heart and half thinks things just couldn’t go on. All sorts of mixed feelings on the subject. But i suppose it’s positive Shifty thinks they’ll continue

  • If anyone is interested in the context of this, the whole interview is excellent, Shifty talks for awhile about how he’s been dealing with the loss, as well as plenty of other stuff.


  • BethMIBethMI 252 posts
    edited December 2022

    From his post today https://www.instagram.com/reel/CmW0B36jt8Y/

    I don’t really like people running with “Chris said they are going to keep going” because he did not. But, that being said, he has done a fair few interviews since summer, and if you watch them it is, frankly, quite apparent he expects the band to keep going. I doubt it is something that has been actually discussed logistically yet though.

    Though, at the same time, and the podcast posted today is a good example, when he talks about the Foos I just really feel the weight of what is going unsaid. Like, he isn’t getting overtly emotional or anything but you can kinda see the wheels turning as if he’s talking about the past and knows it won’t be the same in the future (which of course it wouldn’t be without Taylor). IDK it’s hard to explain. I guess my point is, I am pretty convinced they’ll keep going, it doesn’t mean they are “over it”

    (not that I have seen anyone arguing that, except maybe that crazy instagram lady)

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,269 posts

    They'll never be over it, no one is ever over losing a close friend, relative etc but like everyone you learn to grow and evolve around the loss. It will always be there but I'm sure in whatever way if Foos continue, T will always be a part of their shows and music but it can't be the same it will be.... just different. I went to see Queen, put it off for years with no Freddie but I thought they did the show really well and Fred was part of it. Some music is just too good not to be played live.

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