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Tell us your best Foos anecdote

It can be from personal experience or just your favourite exchange between the band. I’d just love to hear people gush and enthuse


  • matineeidyllmatineeidyll 842 posts
    edited August 2022
    • Chevy Metal gig at Snapper Rocks - Taylor pointing at me and singing, "Hey, baby, it's you" during 'Hurts So Good'
    • Seeing Dave appear on the kit to do Scream's 'Came Without Warning' with Rise Against
    • Waiting at the back gates to get a glimpse of the band (oh, honey) and seeing a shape approaching out of the darkness. It took a second to figure out it was Rami on a bike. I cocked my head a bit and said, "Really?" Rami (laughing): "Getaway!" And he nyoom-ed into the night
    • Also on Rami: He was also the only one to appear on foot at the back gates in another city, where a drunk loud fan didn't recognise him and kept asking if he was Dave's brother. Rami said, "Nah, i'm Dave's cousin" and winked at me in passing
    • Dave 'licking' my face with the head of his guitar
    • During 'Under My Wheels' in Sydney (2018), Dave came over and wiggled his butt against Shifty's in time to the beat - I must've looked amused because Shifty caught my eye and smirked
    • Shifty hearing me calling to get his attention from the rail and responding with, "Yes, ma'am" (polite but i'm not "ma'am" years old yet, sir)
    • Dave: "We will play your classic wrong song - wrong song? Rock!"
  • Now that’s what I’m talking about! Ahhh those are all amazing! I hope Dave didn’t hit you too hard with the guitar though, then again I guess a scar would have made for a unique autograph haha. And so cool Taylor recognised you and gave a shoutout! I love hearing this stuff, thanks for sharing :)

  • GeoGeo 3,406 posts

    I'd like to also claim Rami on a bike and Dave playing drums with Rise Against as my memories, because we were there together.

    Others: Chris pointing me out on the barrier multiple times in multiple cities because we met one time a million years ago. Dave pointing at me during Breakout when I was struggling during 'I don't wanna look like that'. Same show, I think - he called me "Miss 10-Foo-shows". Yeti gifting me set lists and drumsticks because my shirt got ripped down the middle (and Chris got an eyeful). Chris asking 'What the fuck are you here for?' after he caught me yawning during Wheels.

    Seeing a van approaching the venue before soundcheck, ignoring everyone around me telling me it's too early for the band to be arriving but I legged it down a ramp towards the driveway. Doubled over to catch my breath, the van stopped in front of me, the window rolled down and a voice says 'Did you just run across that fucking field?' and as I look up, I said 'FUCK' in Dave Grohl's face.

    Trying to get Pat to sign my Germs shoes but he just kept saying 'Oh my god, I have those!'

    Getting honked at because we were walking in the middle of the road by TCV's van but they jumped out and Dave touched my Black Flag pic necklace and we talked about punk shit for 5 minutes.

    Getting hit in the face by Dave's headstock at the 'secret' Roxy show.

  • FFPheebsFFPheebs 35 posts
    edited August 2022

    Oh these are so great! My respect for the commitment, literally on the chase! And I’m sure Dave wasn’t too upset you swore at him given his language usually. Personal fave has to be Chris telling you off (but honestly I can’t blame you for yawning during wheels)

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

    @matineeidyll and @Geo these are awesome! Being still on the newbie side (thanks Covid for losing 2 years of Foo gigs) I would have loved to have done some of that stuff. Had planned to do a few rails this year :(

    My only ones are our plane sat behind the Foo one at Dublin waiting to take off and I did see the guys at Melbourne airport earlier this year. However, airport security wouldn’t let us anywhere near them. I stupidly moved so missed some eye contact with Mr G…

  • Omfg so many of these made me laugh out loud! esp boring Wheels, DG calling you out on running, and Pat with the shoes

  • That’s pretty cool! I’d be geeking out if I saw them in “real life” too. I was a total dork meeting Shifty back when Jackson United toured, and he was so nice about it

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

    I couldn't believe it, we were walking through internationals to domestic and I spotted a row of black cars outside, mmmm....I thought! There's a VIP check-in pod and then I saw Sam the back-up singer. A few of us hung around and eventually they came out. Mr Security wouldn't let anyone near them but they all waved at the small gathering!

    I'm sure they're used to people going dorky on them! I was talking to a friend who met Dave during the book signing and her worst fear was him seeing that he's her phone lock pic ha ha! Although like the rest of us he's probably seen that a million times during selfies! Glad you got to meet Chris!

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