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Wembley tribute

I’m trying to book my travel tickets for the tribute but can’t find any info on a rough finish time, does anyone know what time it ends, don’t want to miss a train or wait ages in london


  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,316 posts

    Someone said 10.30 for but then someone else said 11! I haven't been to Wembley Stadium for a very long time so perhaps a more recent visitor can help!

  • jburr98jburr98 2 posts

    Ticketmaster says 3pm start, surely it’s not 7/8 hours long

  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 4,238 posts

    Probably won’t start till 5pm.

  • SkezzSkezz 7,394 posts

    I'd imagine even if you're out by 11 it'll be about 90 minutes until you're on a tube

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