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FooFighters concert on youtube - Cannot find anymore

NicoAUSNicoAUS 2 posts

Hi all!

I hope this email finds you all really well.

I'm writing to you because you might help me. At least until beginning of 2021 I was able to watch a video on youtube about a full concert held by the FooFighters.

My issue is: i cannot, for the life of me, remember where was it held and from what year it was.

For the few of you that might have seen it, here is some information I remember.

The opening song was "Time like these" played acoustic by Dave up until half the song where Taylor kicks in with the drum.

The stage was fulfilled with light blue.

After the first 4 (or 5) songs, Dave starts to play some pure rock and roll "just to make sure the crowd loves it".

I know it's a long shot in the dark, but I would love to see that video again as I have very fond memories with it.

Cheers guys, keep on rocking!



  • NicoAUSNicoAUS 2 posts
    edited May 6

    Oh and I'm quite sure it could have been in England.

    Taylor did play and sing (not the full songs but just pieces) of two songs from queen (one was Another One Bites the Dust but I cannot remember the other) and they were discussing on how much the place where they were playing did love Freddie Mercury.

  • matineeidyllmatineeidyll 369 posts

    Hmm, still difficult to narrow it down to a single performance - the songs mentioned were fairly common on setlists. Have you tried your browser's search history?

  • AndyAndy 21 posts

    Sounds like their set at Glastonbury 2017. Set list and stage set up matches your description (and it's in England). There's a few snippets and songs on YouTube from it still so hopefully they'll be familiar to you :)

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