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Your single most prized Foo Fighters possession?

SimonSimon 576 posts
edited February 2020 in Collections And Recordings

Whether it be a rare CD/tape/record, a signed item or anything else, if you had to choose your most prized Foo Fighters possession, just ONE thing, what would it be?

Share stories/pictures!



  • IamBecIamBec 3,962 posts
    edited February 2020

    Hmm I can’t decide between a few things.

    I’ve got all that Davy Grohlton stuff from the 2007 tour - temporary tattoos, stickers, plecs, badges etc.

    The beer tankard from Ye Olde Foo Fighters pub in 2011.

    Signed Dingwalls 2007 setlist with LTF crossed our in favour of Wind Up.

    How do I share pics?

  • FooArchiveFooArchive 393 posts
    edited February 2020

    Maybe this, cos it just unexpectedly showed up in the mail one day. A day I was made redundant actually, so the “Ha!” felt like a cosmic joke.

  • The signed London drumskin. If my flat is ever on fire I've got strict instructions with my flatmate that it's the first thing to grab 😉

  • SimonSimon 576 posts
    edited February 2020

    Easiest way is to upload to https://imgur.com and then share the link with the two arrow things at the bottom of the post <>. If they're images already uploaded they should show up as long as you link directly to the image, with .jpg on the end of the URL.

  • The signed lito from Wasting Light.

    But the one i love the most is the Norwegian version of One by One.

  • GeoGeo 3,230 posts

    Possibly the bit of paper with Chris telling me not to get his handwriting tattooed on me, or the accompanying video of him saying happy birthday to me.

    or photos with Dave.

    or my copy of Pocketwatch (does that count?)

  • My CDs I guess.

  • Becks12Becks12 1,812 posts

    Hmm. Either the first set list I got which is framed in my flat.

    Or The Towel.... Could be the towel.

  • Becks12Becks12 1,812 posts

    I also have a set of Foo bobble heads which are seriously cool and were a present.

  • FooZealandFooZealand 445 posts
    edited February 2020

    First Ever Ever Foo Fighters T-Shirt

    Rarer than any recording

    24 made and Dave hid them all back in the van for fear of the panic when the gig sold out - so NONE were ever sold.

    I have it because Tim Gabor designed it, was there and grabbed one. He and possibly nobody but Dave knows what happened to the other 23.

  • Poppy4580Poppy4580 1,002 posts

    My signed drumhead

  • Either my Storytellers setlist/wristband/pick framed or Colour and the Shape platinum RIAA award.

  • I have 2 Dave played picks. Concrete from Nashville and Gold from Detroit. I still dont have a cutesy way to display them yet.

  • EmilyEmily 57 posts

    Not sure. Maybe my signed Vegas room key from when Dave rode the elevator with me in 2008 lol

  • EmilyEmily 57 posts

    I lied. I can't even find it 😭

  • Poppy4580Poppy4580 1,002 posts
    edited February 2020

    In addition to my drumhead I love the Arsenal shirt Chris signed for me.

    Im a spurs fan - I had to wear an Arsenal shirt because I lost a bet to Chris 🙄

    For some reason I can’t seem to post the photo 🤷🏻‍♀️

    EDIT - see below

  • Poppy4580Poppy4580 1,002 posts
    edited February 2020

    There! Lol

    I fixed it for him.....


  • The gum, (Dave’s gum fleece out of his mouth in front of my friend).

    Mobile typing sucks the ball on this platform so I can’t go into detail.

    Currently it’s pressed between glass in a framed poster type deal. 🙂

  • Now make it and then make him wear it.

    Can you imagine the bet lost where he had to wear something like that on EVERY 2020 gig ... and then return it to the rightful owner...


  • Nicode70Nicode70 19 posts

    Definitely my wasting light signed litho.

  • knoxyknoxy 325 posts

    Dave’s ass sweat on my hand?

    I don’t collect stuff, just memories and friends. I have a couple of guitar picks, but that’s all.

  • StuFighterStuFighter 3,386 posts

    All I've got are the CDs, a couple of DVDs and a couple of T Shirts (which I never wear). Did have a keyring I was quite fond of but that broke.

    Nothing worth bragging about.

  • EdFurlongEdFurlong 297 posts

    I caught a drumstick from Taylor when they played a Channel V gig in Sydney in 2002.

    That’s probably it for me...

  • This is not necessarily my single most-prized Foo possession, but I really like it and there's a funny (well I think so) story behind it.

    Back in September 2017, I got an invite (along with rest of the mailing list) to the opening night of the Foo Fighters Arms in Bethnal Green, London. I managed to create a need to be in our London office that day, and with the help of a fake off-site meeting that I scheduled for 3.30pm, I got to the pub fairly early. I think I was about the 20th in line.

    Once inside the pub, I made a beeline for the merchandise. After stocking up on various t-shirts and posters, I made my way downstairs and ordered a pint. I had a little bit of time before I had to leave to catch my train home, so I took a seat opposite an older gent who was also enjoying a pint.

    If took me a few minutes to notice that his pint glass had a Foos logo on it; mine didn't. I went to the bar and asked if it was possible to switch to a Foos glass, but I was told that they'd all been used in the first few minutes of the pub opening. I sat back down.

    I was pondering asking the man if I could have his glass when he was finished with it, but literally at that moment someone else did, and he declined. I started to look for others who had one of the special glasses. A bloke nearby had one and looked like he was nearly finished, so I readied to pounce, but then he went to the bar and ordered another pint - into the same glass of course.

    Time was running out; I needed to leave soon. I spotted a table over the other side of the pub. There was a group of 5 or so people, and one of them had THE pint glass, and it was empty. I considered just asking for it, but by now was worried that asking for it would highlight its "value" and they'd choose to hang onto it.

    So I decided to make a move. I took off my tie and suit jacket; I rolled up my shirt sleeves. Doing my best impression of a harassed barman, I strode up to the table and said: "YOU ALL DONE?". There were nods all round, someone in the group finished the dregs of their drink, and I gathered up all the glasses.

    I walked to the bar, left all but the special Foos pint glass, and went back to my seat. Quickly stuffing the pint glass in my case, I legged it out of the pub.

    And that is how I came to have a pint glass that was used in the Foo Fighters Arms.

  • I have one of those Australian The One CD singles, I think it is my rarest Foo Fighters CD. But I also have the UK promo CD for For All the Cows and I really like the classic "No 1" artwork on it.

  • no codeno code 32 posts
    edited April 2020

    Now this is a very hard question to answer. There are so many

    • My first This Is A Call 7"single. Just because it all started from there.
    • My Pocketwatch cassettes are very dear to me.
    • The signed Wasting Light litho (displayed around my drum set).
    • All the ticket stubs to Foo shows, TCV shows (including the 2nd TCV show at the Milky Way in Amsterdam), QOTSA shows (with Dave)

    This question also makes me question my very large Foo collection, and how a lot of that stuff is just filler, and has no emotional value whatsoever.

  • Probably my wasting light signed litho. Or the bits and bobs in my little fooseum. Custom Funko pops, drumstick, signed stuff, picks, promo mixtape given out with orders from the Foo store when SC was out. stuff specially made by friends.

  • Poppy4580Poppy4580 1,002 posts

    That reminds me - Shifty keeps the custom Funko Shifty I gave him in his home recording studio!

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