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Australia/New Zealand Tour 2021

matineeidyllmatineeidyll 229 posts
edited February 10 in Tour Talk

2021 because it's the most likely time the guys will head over here and frankly we need some southern hemisphere representation around here.

Taylor: "We already got a couple of tracks in the bag and we're moving fast and furious. That's gonna be the 25th year of the Foo Fighters. No one loves a party more than Dave Grohl, so guess what? There will be a party in New Zealand, for you, for us, for sure." (https://www.hauraki.co.nz/shows/weekdays-with-angelina-grey/angelina-grey-talks-to-taylor-hawkins-about-his-love-of-kiwis/)


  • GeoGeo 1,387 posts

    They need to stop playing summer so I can stop getting heat stroke.

  • Not booking Coopers Stadium would help, that queue = hellmouth

  • GeoGeo 1,387 posts

    Maybe if they got those sprinkler things like that had in Brisbane...

    Or...or I could stop lining up for a million hours πŸ˜‚

  • They will end 2020 in December with some of the most outrageous and memorable gigs of the year in Aus and NZ in short fast succession - tired as hell and unable to care a fuck about anything. (aka a 2011 revisit).

    They will go waaay long, incur fines, and be recorded live. Dave will say in Auckland that " if you don't cause a bigger earthquake tonight motherfuckers... we're never coming back...." An utterly packed Western Springs will make the current 606 seismic wall pictures look like fluffy candy floss.

    No way IMHO are they not coming to ANZ IN 2020.

  • I’m hoping to come over for the Australian/NZ leg if timings work.

  • GeorgiaGeorgia 136 posts

    Me too! It's on my bucket list so waiting for Foo to take the lead πŸ₯°

  • GeoGeo 1,387 posts

    I've got a couch big enough for 1 short person and cats to keep you warm (but not AC, and they usually come in Summer) so first in best dressed? (or pay for a hotel and get AC 🀣)

    Also @matineeidyll gets first dibs if she ever comes to Melb anyway

  • IamBecIamBec 1,773 posts

    I will also join on this wild Aussie adventure. Need to get out of Britain in January/Feb - it’s too cold for me now.

  • GeoGeo 1,387 posts

    I also have a fancy queen size airbed and floor space :)

  • It would be cool if we could all meet up in Australia.

    Going by previous tours the Australia leg tends to be December/January.

    December is out for me but January is doable.

    I've never been to Australia and I'm excited to come visit - Foo is just the excuse :)

  • A few of us have got a bit of a hunch that it might be Nov/Dec instead this time around but the last couple of tours have been in Jan/Feb. Just by the way the dates have been rolling out thus far. In any case, i'm looking at being a big girl and doing Melbs this time so @Geo i'm taking you up on that!

  • GeoGeo 1,387 posts

    'bout bloody time ;) If you can hack Sydney then Melbourne will be cruisey. Plus less likely to be blisteringly hot.

    Depending on work/available leave I may just do my usual Melb/Adelaide (and Tassie if that's ever a thing again). Depends how much $$ I can budget (or how many times I can pull the 'I know a guy' trick in one tour πŸ˜†).

  • Mel won’t be hot before Christmas for sure! Last gig was a cool windy day so maybe bring jumpers and boots!

    I need to know before I spend all my $ on a US to get a Foo fix this year! Funds permitting and free dates hope to do as many as possible 🀞🏻 and will try the rail, maybe last show so I can recover πŸ˜‚

  • lharris92lharris92 1,115 posts

    I'd do NZ, Australia maybe

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