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Rumour: FF playing in regional Victoria, AU March 2022

matineeidyllmatineeidyll 369 posts
edited February 15 in Tour Talk

Unsubstantiated so far, stemming from a call-in tip-off from a listener of a local radio station. Band, venue, AU promoter etc. have not commented either way. So it's to be taken with a grain of salt for now, unless more legit info is found. There is a gap in their tour schedule around then before they hit Latin America.

Source also claims that a full stadium tour is being scheduled for November/December 2022.


  • Well they had better hurry up if it's going to happen, it's only a couple of weeks away!

    Lot of Aussies not happy they'd bring in a US band anyway for a kick start of live music here, of course we'd love it if it did happen!

    I can guarantee that if Nov/Dec is on that they will play a gig on the 26th in Melbourne as I have a booking that day.... ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • GeoGeo 2,519 posts

    Yeah, look. Part of me would be annoyed because so many local gigs are still getting canned (I had one this Friday that was preemptively cancelled last month) but if they headlined over a list of locals I'd appreciate it.

    I'd be annoyed, but I'd still go. Obviously ๐Ÿ˜†

  • FooZealandFooZealand 370 posts
    edited February 16

    They hurried up already... then nothing...

    This was buried in yesterdays email re new Canada shows - really very buried considering how much was in the email... this shot is just a section of it.

    "Look for tickets on sale NOW in U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden & Norway!"

    I've been looking for any sign all day - nothing at all so far, nobody prepared t commit or deny.

    I'm definitely banking on a Nov/Dec ANZ tour announcement soon - as per 2011 schedule to close out the year.

    Lock down your Earthquake monitors.

  • GeoGeo 2,519 posts

    @FooZealand I assumed it meant tickets for Studio 666. That's how it reads to me.

  • FooZealandFooZealand 370 posts
    edited February 16

    OK - I'm 100% with you on that, now I see that perspective - totally thrown by the new shows for Canada title of the email - and the fact they could have squished in more EU tour dates.

    I did make 2 phone calls though (NZ) - and did get very "We know nothing (we are prepared to share)" responses (not the Really WTF news to me style) . So I'm guessing there highly likely ARE bookings in place for something.

  • Official announcement this morning! Tix on sale this Friday, gig next Friday March 4. Talk about cutting it close.

    NOT loving the decision to allow sales of 8 tix per transaction - that's just asking for trouble.

  • GeoGeo 2,519 posts

    Releasing tickets at midday is also a pain in the butt.

  • Frontier Touring Official / Ticketek



    Foo Fighters

    Friday, March 4, 2022 - Lic. All Ages

    GMHBA Stadium

    Joined by Amyl and The Sniffers and The Meanies


    From Fri 25 Feb (12noon AEDT)


    4:00pm | Doors open

    6:00pm | The Meanies

    7:00pm | Amyl and The Sniffers

    8:30pm | Foo Fighters

    *Please note stage times are a guide only and subject to change without notice.


    View the GMHBA Stadium map here


    Please note: No bag policy will apply


    View accessibility information at GMHBA Stadium here


    If you have accessible booking requirements, including wheelchair and/or companion card requirements, please contact Ticketmaster. Submit a request here or call 1300 446 925



    Respond to Facebook Event



    ticketmaster.com.au | Ph: 136 100


    Please note: the ticketing agency listed above is the only authorised ticketing agency for this show. Read Frontier Touring’s position on ticket scalping here.


    Ticket limit Quantity General public on-sale 8 (Ticket limit is per purchaser, per show)

    Ticket type Price General Admission $159.90 A Reserve $219.90 B Reserve $159.90 C Reserve $99.90

  • I didn't know the bold bit below re Ticketmaster resale - what are clusterfuck..


    We really cannot stress this enough - fans buying tickets to shows presented by Frontier Touring are warned not to buy tickets from unauthorised operators.

    Our only advice is: simply don’t do it.

    You don’t know who you’re buying from, the ticket may be in breach of the terms and conditions set by the original ticketing agency (and therefore cancelled), or the same ticket might have been sold multiple times to different people.

    We hate seeing fans pay inflated prices for tickets or turned away because their ticket isn’t valid. Beware of sites offering “100% money back guarantee” as this is not the same as getting to experience the show you have booked tickets for. We constantly see disappointed fans turned away at the door when they present tickets which have either been cancelled, sold multiple times, or are complete fakes.

    Not only is it a waste of money, it’s simply heartbreaking for fans when this happens – particularly right outside the venue door.

    Unfortunately, when this happens, neither Frontier nor the authorised ticketing agency are able to help you in getting a refund or re-issuing the unauthorised ticket.

    At no time does Frontier Touring allocate tickets to any of the following organisations:

    theticketmerchant.com.au | ticketfinders.com.au | worldticketshop.com | ebay.com.au | viagogo.com.au | Ticketmaster Resale (accessible via ticketmaster.com.au)

    Scalpers also use the platform Ticketmaster Resale but that does not make them authorised sellers. This can be confusing because for some venues Ticketmaster is the official outlet.

    Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster Resale are two different things – there is no guarantee that tickets bought on Ticketmaster Resale will be valid tickets.

    The only way you can be assured of paying the correct prices and actually receiving valid tickets is by purchasing via the venue's official ticketing agent. These are always clearly listed on the Frontier Touring website in the TOUR DATES & TICKETING section of an artist’s tour page.

  • Someone gave me a link to Ticketmerchant who are selling them already apparently...even though they don't exist yet.

    Would prefer 10am, having to delay heading off for our trip as I can't trust my mobile connection!

    I still can't believe it is actually happening and in my birthday week! Now I just need to get my sticky paws on some tickets!

  • GeoGeo 2,519 posts

    Its half the size of what they usually play in Melb. Hopefully too many Melb folk can't be bothered...(even if I'm one of them..)

  • Also hoping interstate people won't be able to organise in time! There's no accommodation left in Geelong, managed to get a motel by the stadium with cancellation after ticket sale day!

  • matineeidyllmatineeidyll 369 posts
    edited February 24

    It sounds like most accom was already booked for Nitro Circus, which has since been moved to another date, yet availability has become worse since this gig announcement.

    I booked an Airbnb soon after announcement, but cancelled as it was no longer suitable (group got bigger) - the next best option is 30 mins drive away. Being a regional city, accom was always going to be in shorter supply than if they held it in Melbourne. That said, with Melb only being an hour away, I wouldn't be surprised if people start shacking up there instead and choosing to drive.

  • I looked a couple of weeks ago when the rumour started and it was in short supply then but as you say strange it hasn't become available now. I noticed one hotel I had been looking at had doubled in price!

    I went down to Geelong in Dec funnily enough to see our local Foo tribute and even that weekend there wasn't much availability overall.

    Yeah, it's an easy drive back to Melbourne, just one long straight road so if you have wheels just as easy to stay there. You'll be on a high from the gig so that'll keep you awake!

  • GeoGeo 2,519 posts

    I believe the train also runs late back to Melbourne and I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to run an extra service just for the event.

    i haven’t had time to think about it. If the train isn’t running then I’ll be stuck wandering around until the first morning train ๐Ÿ˜…

  • If you can score tix and we arrange that accom, come hang with us weirdos :)

  • GeoGeo 2,519 posts

    thank you!

    if you can’t arrange the accommodation in time, and we can find a way back to Melbourne then you’re welcome to crash at mine.

  • Any chance of a flood relief show in 2022 while they're here for the Geelong gig? Was at the last one!

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