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Shiflett in the new Michael Monroe documentary

Knowing how big of a deal Hanoi Rocks was for him it’s great they got him to take part!

Hope this will get (re)-released soon, there’s some arguments from the Monroe camp which led to this being unavailable after just a few days after being released..


  • hoochhooch 721 posts
    edited January 16

    Why didn't they just get a new drummer? It sucks he died but I don't see why they couldn't go on as a band. I've heard they were good and the most underrated band of the LA scene (my brother was a fan) but haven't listened to much of their music. I listened to one song that was pretty catchy, and another song I thought was okay but probably would've liked it more when I was younger, I think it was a cover. I'd say most of their stuff I would've liked when I was younger if it's similar to the songs I listened to.

  • hoochhooch 721 posts

    My bad, they were Finnish but had a huge influence on the LA glam, hair metal scene.

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