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Abu Dahbi F1

Anyone know what's happened? It says cancelled due to medical reasons, doesn't sound great :(



  • Foo3001Foo3001 181 posts
    edited December 2021

    Did not realize they were even due to perform, saw a tweet where the tweeter said he was in the venue waiting for the show already but it was announced cancelled due to Covid. Not specified any further.

  • AndyAndy 23 posts

    Yeah I read that one too :( I had deleted all my socials but redownloaded Facebook and Instagram just in case there was any news or update on there. Fingers crossed all is well, hopefully we find out something in the next day or two :(

    They've not said who or what's wrong. It could easily be something minor or very treatable. Certainly hope that's the case.

  • GeoGeo 2,646 posts

    It seems weird to me that there was no mention of this gig from the bands socials at all. It's not listed on their website or on instagram/fb. Was it ever even official?

  • The deal with the concert was it was for ticket-holders of the F1, so while the F1 and the venue splashed it all over their social media for the past month the band didn’t. I think it was viewed more as a corporate gig by them.

  • If someone indeed was ’rushed’ to hospital mid travel I’m guessing it cant be ruled out it’s something serious.

    Hate to say it but as they arent young anymore anything can happen, any given time, all kinds of seizures are possible.

  • ..or then it’s just Fresh Pot time again

  • What's weird is that I follow F1 and only until this was posted on twitter, no mention of Foo Fighters were ever made, that I'm aware of. At least not on facebook and twitter by F1 themselves, but I found the tweet the track made and Foo Fighters did issue a statement in an edit. https://twitter.com/ymcofficial/status/1469613794339004421

  • @F1 had mentioned it - here's a tweet from the 9th: https://twitter.com/F1/status/1468971611063664649?s=20

    My guess is it wasn't pushed hard by the band because A. It wasn't really a Foo Fighters concert, more they were the afterparty for an expensive ticketed event that was pretty much sold-out & B. the UAE is shitty when it comes to human rights so bands and artists playing there always take heat.

  • I was reported as early as 12 Nov... (see below) and in negotiation for 5 months.

    It would have been worth millions - I'm guessing easily 1 mil per band member.

    The band member has cancelled some other things that were scheduled - so it's not impossible to know who it was.

    WHY it was (base cause) is also known (I'm deff not sharing) and is much more worrying - as it could mean any no of poss things.

    And while yes it could be considered a corporate gig - and that that was why there was little from the band re the event taking place, the fact there has been pretty much a total media blackout on the band members status SINCE the 12th is really rather disturbing.

    I hope to hell he is OK.



    When it comes to Foo Fighters, arguably the world’s biggest touring band at present, and recently inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Lickrish says negotiations had been ongoing for five months.

    However, once the deal was signed, things progressed quickly.

    “What I always find interesting is that it is always the rock groups that are the most hardcore when it comes to organisation," he says.

    “When you are dealing with Foo Fighters, every single detail is organised. They are meticulous and check everything from the configuration of the stage and having the required gear to the loading to the venue.

    “This is why their tours have always been massive and successful, because they operate like a Swiss watch."

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