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Setlist Concept

It seems they are currently playing around 22 songs a show, so I have this fun idea that they can only/must play two songs from each of their studio albums, plus two other songs.

Here is my ideal version of that:

This Is A Call; Good Grief

Everlong; Up in Arms

Ain't it the Life; Stacked Actors

Have it All; All My Life

No Way Back; On the Mend

Cheer Up, Boys; But, Honestly

Miss the Misery; Dear Rosemary

Outside; What Did I Do? (only that part of the song, not the other half)

Make it Right; The Line

Medicine at Midnight; Cloudspotter


Neverending Sigh; St. Cecilia

How about you all?


  • Nice idea!

    My list:

    1. Alone + Easy Target, I'll Stick Around
    2. February Stars, Hey, Johnny Park
    3. Generator, M.I.A.
    4. Lonely As You, Come Back
    5. Resolve, Miracle
    6. Summer's End, Let It Die
    7. Miss the Misery, Walk
    8. Congregation, Outside
    9. Arrows, Sunday Rain
    10. Waiting on a War, Love Dies Young


    The Neverending Sigh, Normal

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