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Bring back Stacked

In every video ive seen of the band playing Stacked Actors, they really seem to be having a good time. The song is truly a rock anthem for a dozen reasons. I know they played it at nearly every show from 09 thru 13. Any chance they will bring it back? I realize that it does take up a large amount of time, but every once in a while would drive fans wild!

Bring back Stacked!

Bring back Stacked!

Bring back Stacked!

At least Dec. 2, in Vegas...whadayasay?🤘😎

Rock on!


  • They played it as the opener in Glasgow 19...... so long ago now.....

  • AndyAndy 34 posts

    Aurora has made a come back and I'm sure I remember Dave saying TINLTL is his favourite album so maybe it'll sneak back in occasionally.

    I guess the challenge is they've got about 15 songs which are such big hits they have to be in there. Add to that they like to do a song off every album and they'll generally do a bit more off whatever the newest album is.

    I'm rambling but yes, I'm I'm you. Fingers crossed it gets played at one of the London shows!

  • I'm 100% with you on this one but my dream ticket would like to see a mid-set run-through of the entire the Colour and the Shape (album order). Rush did something similar with 2112 and Moving Pictures on tours.

    I expect to hear some deep cuts at the tribute show

  • They will almost definitely play 'Aurora' at these tribute concerts, being one of Taylor's favourites of theirs. I'd bet money. Unless it'd be too emotionally difficult for them to play it through, which, fair.

  • TINTL is my favourite Food album. Wish we'd heard more of it in recent years

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