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The Storyteller - Cheap Copies For US People...

Someone has a few copies of the hardback here that have had the signed page removed - no idea why - maybe Dave rejected the sigs or something.

Otherwise full book - at $14 shipped.



  • Or maybe they removed it to keep for themselves?

    I missed out on the signed copies from one of the bookshops, thanks time zones....! Wonder if anyone will buy the $399 copy, that's $550 Aussie!! Oh well, I'll just have carry my book around with me for when I meet him some day!!

  • Well they had 5 copies so not likely for themselves - and the sig page alone will be worth less than with the 1st edn book - so I cant see any reason to do it unless there were issues with the sig - maybe ink running out or something. $10 a copy is the (saved these from the trash can) price.

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