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MTV Icon Award (Performance)

Did this change names from the Vanguard Award? Anyway, after sitting through way way too much AutoTune, Foo played in Brooklyn at the MTV VMAs. Found this on the tubes (and thought it was cute/funny) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xH9Mo-Wrsc

I feel like the performance was edited for TV and the crowd in front of the stage was changed out with actual fans.... anyone else feel that way? If I find the performance, and I hope they are allowed to put it on the bands youtube channel, hopefully we'll get a link.


  • Youtube has a link it's under MTV's youtube page.

  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 3,582 posts

    Was a great performance, as always. TV shows like these often play around with the audience, move people about to ensure they engage correctly with the performing artist.

    At this point, in music history, I feel like we've gone so far away from anything of value that half the people in that room wouldn't know the music of Foo Fighters, or rock music at all. The band has done so many awards shows over the years now, they're dinosaurs to all this, and really stand out like a sore thumb lol

    I feel blessed that, of all the bands from the 90s, from their era, that started when they did....Foo Fighters are the ones still doing this sort of thing (still together, at least).

  • So well said, I couldn't agree more O.B.gene. I hope whoever was there got shaken to their core and on the path to three chords and the trough.

    "Gonna kick the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight,...."

  • TimTim 63 posts

    I'd assume they probably decided to retire having an award named after Michael Jackson since the timing is pretty close to that documentary.

    The dumb part is that the they could've just not gone out of their way to honor him in the first place. Like, the award existed for years before they slapped his name on it and there always was some pretty compelling evidence that Michael Jackson was a predator. More than enough smoke there for most people to assume there was a fire.

  • Ah, good point. Yeah, agreed.

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