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NZ 2022?

matineeidyllmatineeidyll 368 posts
edited August 2021 in Tour Talk

Obviously there is no public info to verify this and the comments on the post suggest it’s just fan art in the hopes of a tour announcement, but an artist posted it on IG today and thought i’d put it up anyway just in case:


  • Will the bubble be open again by then? Asking for a friend... Guess it's possible if NZ got to 0 again and all vaxxed. They've had a few big local gigs over there.

    Meanwhile here, certainly in Vic we'll be fully vaxxed and still in lockdown no doubt....

  • Yeah April is a lifetime away so no way they'd be doing more than asking... though like I said months ago when the band weren't even able to tour the US - I''m pretty certain they'd qualify for our business exemption to come in - only they'd have to quarantine for 14 days before they could play. So I'm sure that would be too much of a time investment.

    We expect to have around 85% vaccine coverage by the end of the year (uptake is really high here), so there are very likely going to be altered rules for foreign entry at some point next year, but nobody is looking at that yet.

    Fun poster though - I'd love to see an actual kiwi used like that - maybe one in a Hail Satin T-Shirt piloting a UFO over the Beehive or something 🤣

  • We're starting a few conversations around international and home quarantine etc but I'll believe it when I see it. I don't mind doing home, just let us in and out a little easier!

    Yes, 14 days quarantine is a huge investment in time and money for a big crew like Foos have, even if they just brought techs and the band and used local crew it's still a fair few people. Plus I can't see Dave or Taylor locked up in a hotel room for 2 weeks! I've done it and it's not easy! However, IF we get to 80% fully vaxxed and C on the plan then I think they can come in (it's all a little confusing) and we'll have the welcome mat ready for them!

  • Fly them into Sydney - straight from the plane in a boat to Goat island... then all the fans (not the band) have to quarantine for 2 weeks and the band just fly straight out again.

    On the other hand... two weeks of Locked down Foo in a hotel room might be just what we all need...

  • When Cheap Trick, STP and Bush were supposed to be coming earlier in the year the plan was for a special quarantine which allowed them writing and rehearsing time together. The Foo bubble could just take over a small hotel and have a bit of a holiday at the same time!

    Anyway, if the Gov stick to their plan we should be ok by the end of the year but I'm still not banking on them coming until late next year or early 23 IF things pan out ok in between! Even once we reach the required levels we'll still have a shed load of restrictions....

    They'll probably have another album out by the time the get to us down here!

  • I'd bet money that Australia won't get a tour until the next album cycle, unfortunately - it's just the way things are at the moment. Even if/when we get to 80% pop double vaxxed and international travel opens up, there'll still be a cap, and we're being led by a government that over-promises and under-delivers. For example, last year, a big song-and-dance was made about support funding for the arts sector, which never came. Meanwhile, sport has been given the big push to go on because morale and spirit and Straya.

  • And there's shit all chance they will come to NZ if they cant play AUS.

  • Cant even post them a "Please Play Brazil" letter 🤣

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