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The Wrong Kind Of Foo Fighting

I'm a big guy (well over 6 foot and a bit overweight too -- thanks lockdowns you're really helping lol). So I'm OK ordering 2XL shirts from the store when that's as big as they go (often the case)... but if they run to 3XL I will get those as I know then they are always going to be baggy which I like.

Anyway - I'll just let the last ticket tell the story... shipping is getting pretty quick I must say - but the rest is just plain comical.




  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,192 posts

    They are obviously employing people with vision issues at the warehouse. My Foo parcel arrived with correct DG's shirt but my hoodie instead of a medium was 2XL, which is beyond fashionably baggy on me!

    I sent an email to fooservice@inmerch or should I have raised a ticket, which I've only just found on the site? Did they ask for the others to be returned?

  • An email might still work, I used to do that, but prob best to go here:


    raise a ticket, and then you should be able to log in and track it here too (store login works for me):


    If you are outside of the US (not sure about Canada) it seems the policy is that when they screw up and send you the wrong item, it's too costly to have it returned - which makes sense given they prob pay $5 if that for a t-shirt.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,192 posts

    Cheers @FooZealand ! I'll raise a ticket as well. I'm in Australia so guess it would probably cost more than the product to return it!

  • FooZealandFooZealand 446 posts
    edited August 2021

    My reply here has contact inmerch email with any questions at the bottom, so you are probably still OK just by email - but with it logged that cant ignore it.

    Being polite (if infuriated) regardless of how bad they've screwed up and just stating the details is all I do now. I ordered the two shirts with two of the leather flasks (which weren't at at all impressive as others have said), but did at least arrive as ordered.

    So I asked for the $50 on the shirts back as above - I get the same stock reply as always - no real sorry at all, no why or how they could be so bad... but they either see how poor that service is/was, OR they screwed up the refund as well - as they have refunded me the entire amount paid including postage.

    So money back, 6 shirts, 2 flasks and three postage trips to NZ on them. They still make more than enough from me, and everyone now the shirts have all gone up in price.


  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,192 posts

    Oh wow..... except you don't have a shirt that fits! Maybe you could slowly stretch them like a pair of tight shoes...

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,192 posts

    @FooZealand they got back to me overnight having raised a ticket! Sending new hoodie and they don't want the other one back! Now we wait and see if they send another big one or if I will get the small one........

  • Good to hear - and yeah it's seems a to be a bit of a lottery what will arrive lately lol. Their response time is definitely better than its been in ages at least.

    And re my six shirts - they will fit - most often 2XL is as big as they go - I buy 3XL when they do it as I like them baggy, and yeah after a bit of stretching they get closer to that anyway. So I could have just let it go but it wasn't what I ordered so why should I.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,192 posts

    True..... bonus is you now have 6!

  • Oh dear - they just shipped me two Lollapalooza Chicago shirts that they foolishly offered in 3XL ...

    Better make some space in the wardrobe 🤣

  • It's like magic isn't it... 2 shirts become 8!

  • I think they want me to open the NZ store 🤗

  • 🤣 It would be easier if they had more in the Aussie store!

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