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Ticket resale sites could face closure threat in crackdown on touts

This today in the Guardian - nothing concrete yet - and only 10 years too late, but it might finally mean something.


  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 3,582 posts

    This is great news

  • BexsterBexster 292 posts

    Sounds great! I hope it actually works and penalties are dished out.

  • TimTim 63 posts

    I doubt they'd be shut down altogether. It seems like this is just a bunch of proposed new rules that Stubhub/etc could probably adhere to fairly easily if they had to. The only thing that could have maybe killed companies like that was if the pandemic hadn't "ended" and events with fans didn't resume.

    Hell, even if they did enact these new rules and Stubhub breaks em, they're just gonna not offer UK events or something.

  • Solution has always been super simple.

    Register your name and address.

    Credit card must be in your name matching that address (super simple instant cr card auth process - bank says yes or no)

    You can buy TWO tickets.

    You can stop right there - that's pretty solid.

    Or you can add:

    You must show same credit card with ticket to enter venue. Ticket scan throws up last 4 digits of Cr card on a screen - take an hour to write the software.


    Even with Boston Dynamics help they wont make a bot to do that.

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