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Medium rare on streaming platforms

Is there a reason there's been 10 years and we still can't listen to it on Spotify and such? Idk about the other platforms since I just use that one and it's very frustrating knowing that I cannot hear that great album. I understand it was exclusive for RSD but the same can be said about Hail satin and we got that one 2 days after the release. What are they waiting for or did they forgot?


  • GeoGeo 2,215 posts

    Bar a couple songs, they were all previously released as bsides and compilations. So they either figured it wasn't worth it, or maybe there was licensing issues.

  • BetoBeto 804 posts
    edited July 2021

    This reminds me I need to get it on CD or look for the "Bad reputation" and "This will be our year" on mp3 since they're the only studio songs I'm missing on my FF library.

  • I notice vinyl stores are selling bootlegs of it pretty regularly in my area.

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