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Value Wasting Light Litography?

Hi there!

Im selling of a little of my Foo Memo.

Im just wondering what the value of the signed Wasting Light Lito would be? Never seen one sold seperatly.



  • FooZealandFooZealand 286 posts

    Saw one go in the complete set in 2016/17 for around $600.

    Litho by itself sold for around 370 ish in 2019 (cant lay my hands on the hard drive immediately)

    And this one framed June last year went by itself for $500.


  • I sold mine in 2018 before moving to Hawaii. I just didn't have the space for it and didn't want it getting ruined. I ended up selling it on eBay for $400, for just the litho framed.

  • Thanks for the replys! I was think around 200-300 but i guess i can go up a little from that.

  • FooZealandFooZealand 286 posts

    It's really the sort of thing you put ten days on and start at $1.00 reserve with a gallery photo or whatever eBay do these days to best bump it up the visibility ratings at a moderate cost (vs the really expensive top of page stuff).

    It's going to sell, it's going to sell for hundreds. Putting a Buy Now on is stupid.

    But putting a $400 (say) start price on it is also a bit stupid as people will save it to their watch list but never actually go back to it... yet the SAME people will start bidding and follow the listing super closely if it starts at a dollar reserve - and will still be there at the end as it blows past the $400 you might otherwise have started at.

    Pack bidder mentality - you don't want to lose when you are actually seeing confirmation from a bunch of other people how much THEY want it. And all you need are two at the end and it's suddenly sold for way more than expected.

    And there will be more than two there at the end on one of these - especially right now as it's the very best time to be selling (at any release drop).

    Also you pay more for the higher start price (at least you always used to - been a while since I sold anything ) so a $1 start saves some money you just put to a better ranking promotion.

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