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Should Dave Use Foo's RRHOF Induction As A Platform To Demand Kurt's Death Investigation Be Reopened

Given the national visibility involved, how would you feel if, instead of an acceptance speech at the RRHOF induction, Dave were to use the opportunity as a platform to raise public awareness regarding the anomalies involved and demand that Kurt's death investigation be re-opened? He could publicly demand that Courtney finally release the autopsy results, so Kurt's death can be properly reviewed by an outside authority once and for all.

Personally, I believe such an act would garner a tremendous amount of positive attention, force the Seattle Police Department to react, and be a truly selfless act on Dave's part.

Your thoughts?


  • Mike2Mike2 1,543 posts

    Nah, I think he should use that platform to finally tell us what kind of gum he chews. I've been dying to know for years!

  • lharris92lharris92 1,340 posts

    personally i want to know how they look younger after lockdown, that shit is driving me crazy

  • Mike2Mike2 1,543 posts

    They are clones that are used when the real members don't want to do a show. The real guys are chilling at home safe and sound and letting the clones do all the work. It just makes sense.

  • lharris92lharris92 1,340 posts

    wonderful, glad they've got that technology working properly, took em long enough

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 276 posts

    I know!!! I've aged about 10 years this last year.... too much Covid stress, can I have my old stress back please, lot easier to deal with lol...

  • matineeidyllmatineeidyll 301 posts

    I want to know how Taylor Hawkins bends gravity to keep those shorts up.

  • Reopen an open & shut obvious case? Pointless. Listen to BethMI, move on.

  • StuFighterStuFighter 2,435 posts
    edited July 2


    Kurt Cobain committed suicide. End of story. Police are pretty good at working out if someone has been murdered or not, and Courtney Love doesn't strike me as the kind of person who could successfully outmaneuver them.

    If Courtney Love is holding back the autopsy reports, maybe it's because it's no one else's business? Cause, believe me, if there were anything suspicious in them, she wouldn't be allowed to hold them back.

    If Dave Grohl has anything else to say on the matter, it'll probably be encouraging people not to take the same way out if they're in distress - and to get help.

  • DezbotDezbot 44 posts

    JFC, still with this crap?

  • I agree that Courtney should release the autopsy results because it would put a lid on the issue one way or another. But WTF! as if Dave is ever going to do that! He's quite open that Kurt committed suicide.

  • AlexRHAlexRH 2 posts

    You murder theory people are crazy. How you sat down, typed this out and thought "yes I'll post this" is beyond me. This is disrespectful and honestly disgusting of you to say.

  • hoochhooch 548 posts

    Kurt didn't die, he's Rivers Cuomo!

  • TimTim 58 posts

    it's dentyne ice - having been in the dressing room a bunch, i usually see the black packs lying around - idk if they pull different ones for him or that's what he has. I've never seen him grab any gum or pull it out.

    As for the other shit? No. Like, hell to the fucking no. I sorta get why, especially in internet culture, people could be duped into believing that shit, but, for the life of me, I do not get how anyone could think Dave/Krist/Pat whoever even remotely agree with that possibility or why you wouldn't get how insulting it is to try and educate them on their friend's suicide or assuming they don't know the truth about a thing they lived through and witnessed in real time and would just shut up if they really believed that someone murdered their friend.

    There's a fucking reason that nobody who actually knew Kurt and was around him the last year of his life buys into this shit.

  • hoochhooch 548 posts
    edited July 12

    Obviously, Dave could have a different private opinion than what he states publicly in regards to what happened to Kurt. He's not going to say he thinks his friend/bandmate was murdered as long as it's considered a conspiracy theory and you know that Tim. I don't think embracing conspiracy theories would be good for pr for Dave. Courtney had some kind of sheet found in her backpack on how to imitate someone's handwriting. I haven't read about this junk in ages but I remember that and thinking it was the most damning evidence against her considering handwriting experts said part of the note wasn't in his writing.

    Whatever happened, I don't have any sympathy for Kurt. People hate to hear this because it's true but he has to be one of the most negative influences over the last 50 years or so. Look at how the opioid epidemic exploded after that whole scene.

  • TimTim 58 posts

    The idea that someone could think their friend was murdered and would just pretend that wasn't the case is incredibly insulting. This isn't pretending you're not a flat-earther or skeptical about the moon landing. It's pretending your friend wasn't murdered when you're in actually move the needle.

    I've also seen this very specific topic brought up to him I don't think the change in demeanor and him just becoming visibly annoyed was fake. I've seen annoyingly drunk people, pushy people with demands for pictures/autographs, drunk people, people who were just outright rude and the most annoyed I've ever seen Dave be visibly annoyed and terse with a fan to their face.

    And as for the actual case? Handwriting analysis is far from some foolproof forensic science like DNA and most reports on that shit were, at best, inconclusive. Too many variables about when parts of the note were written, stress levels, drugs, etc and it's just something that shouldn't be taken as gospel in every case, especially when different experts have said different things about it.

    And I don't think any musician had fuckall to do with the opioid crisis that followed. The high profile ones probably served as cautionary tales that probably saved lives, if you really had to quantify any effect. Oxycontin was developed and over-prescribed with deliberate suppression of how addictive and dangerous that shit was.

  • hoochhooch 548 posts
    edited July 13

    Fair enough. I should've elaborated some. I didn't mean to imply Dave was so image oriented that would be the motivation to not speak on it if he ever was suspicious of foul play. If it was me, I wouldn't say anything if all I had was speculations as to what happened. That wouldn't do anything productive. I think it's unlikely he thinks anything other than suicide happened. What I said about having no sympathy was a bit harsh. He's not one of my favorite people from what I know about him but I wish he was still here and didn't die

    No, I'm not saying music was solely responsible for all of that but maybe a contributing factor. Just because something is depicted in a negative light doesn't necessarily take the romanticism away from it for impressionable teens. Jane's Addiction didn't ever seem to mention the agonies and pains of addiction, just the powerful euphoria and actually seemed to promote it as a wise lifestyle. It's cool though, agree to disagree.

  • TimTim 58 posts

    IDK, I think you could maybe link some drug usage in the 90s to "famous junkies" or whatever but that just really isn't what the opioid crisis was about. The arrival and explosion of oxycontin is the factor. Not a factor, THE factor. It was over-prescribed to obscene levels with information about how addictive and dangerous it was being actively suppressed. It really is just that simple.

    Somewhere around my early 20s, that shit was just everywhere and it was wildly overprescribed for well over a decade.

  • hoochhooch 548 posts

    Pop culture had nothing to do with it? Do you also think that about acid and grass in the late 60's? Rave culture and ecstasy? Disco and coke? What's that saying about art imitating life and attitude and vice versa?

    Yes, doctors overprescribed oxies knowing full well how addictive they are and knowing it's synthetic heroin. I wonder how that happened, it's almost like they tried to get people hooked. That wouldn't have anything to do with big pharma would it? I could go to Florida and get some quack working one of those mills to prescribe me 300 40 mg oxies along with a shitload of xanax, buy a gun in the parking lot and still get my monthly 120 10 mg norcos. That's how crazy it was it was from the late 90's to around 09. Some of those doctors were packin! Then when the mills closed heroin rolled in the next year. My two closest friends both lost their mothers to heroin overdoses within about 6 months apart from each other a few years ago. Almost everyone I knew from my hometown was either using or selling at some point when oxy was everywhere.

    Now most of those people are hooked on heroin, suboxone (me!) or methadone which sucks even worse. That's a huge scam! The worst, most intense withdrawals from opiates last between 7-10 days, maybe two weeks at the very worst. Why the fuck would a doctor prescribe you something else that's ten times worse coming off of than heroin or oxy more than the estimated time you'll be in withdrawal? So you get addicted to something else and more dependent on drugs than ever, if something were to happen and you have to quit this cold turkey you're in serious trouble! Before it would suck ass, but you'd be okay in a few days and have color back in your face within a week.

  • TimTim 58 posts

    Art imitates life but cautionary tales where a relatively minor celebrity dies after a drug addiction isn't exactly a commercial for heroin and I think it has fuck all to do with a drug crisis that didn't really start to take off until a couple years after he died. I think you could probably make a link to a temporary boost in suicides among certain demographics cause copycat suicides are a thing anytime someone famous dies that way, but I think the level heroin was at in the early 90s was just a continuation of what had gone on for a decade plus with that drug. Still a fairly niche appeal, all things considered.

    What started a few years after? Just the absolute worst of capitalism, greed, and naivete all rolled into one. And it's probably gonna take a long fucking time for our society to fully adapt in a way that'll make it better long-term.

  • hoochhooch 548 posts
    edited July 18

    A lot of my favorite musicians were addicts now that I think about it. I think there's a difference in the type of artist that turns me off as opposed to just doing drugs and making music though. I definitely won't dislike someone or their art because they do drugs. It's these guys who decide to do drugs to enhance the creative process via drugs being the vehicle for this alchemical art project that details aspects of addiction and things that go along with that lifestyle. It's like some of them were saying 'life is so hard, poor me" while knowing that was going to be the material they were going to prosper from as soon as they decided what type of band they were going to be.

    I can see a band like RHCP sitting around like: Here's what we're going to do, we're going to all do a ton of drugs and jump around and have fun on stage, do silly publicity stunts like wearing socks on our junk, write fun songs for people just trying to have a good time, then when we run out of songs or get too old for that we'll get clean and detail the bad times we had and not sing about the good ones anymore. We'll make sad songs about addiction and abandon the fun stuff and be a serious, mature, having learned all from our Hollywood drug parties, anti drug band. They'll love it!

    I feel like it's that calculated for certain artists.

    One last thing about Kurt. I also thought he said a lot of stupid things about feminism. If you support women's rights and prefer the more feminine things in nature, prefer it in art or whatever that's fine but declaring yourself a male feminist is such a try hard thing to do imo, especially back then. Saying he wasn't gay but wished he was to piss off homophobes and rednecks was so stupid. There are better ways to stand up for your beliefs than say such nonsense.

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