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Poppy4580Poppy4580 1,002 posts
edited February 2020 in Help & Feedback


I set up a poll but for some reason i cannot see a vote button the first option in the poll.

i checked and it is a question in the poll setup.

is it because I have too many options ?

How often do you listen to Foo
  1. Every day1 vote
    1. At least once a month
    2. Several times a year
    3. Never
    4. Penis


  • Poppy4580Poppy4580 1,002 posts

    Weird.....can’t seem to vote for the first option of every day.

    @Simon can you help?

  • lharris92lharris92 1,729 posts

    there's only one appropriate response anyway

  • SimonSimon 576 posts

    Yeah this tripped me up first time as well. The first box is for the poll title, the second box is not for the first poll option as you'd expect but for the poll question, you'll note is says Question #1. Which is pretty redundant, having two boxes, but I think the intention was to allow an overall title and then multiple questions, but they never got around to adding that feature.

    Only the third box is actually for the first poll option. I did try to remove one of the two boxes but no luck so far. You'll just have to write something in both boxes for now, I just went with 'So...' in the second one. 😋

  • Poppy4580Poppy4580 1,002 posts

    So I deleted the poll and then tried to add a new poll and now it says I don’t have permission 🙄

  • SimonSimon 576 posts

    Well, DID you ask me for permission? I recall no such request!

    Seriously though, not sure why it'd do that, I'll have to look. In the meantime should I just delete the entire topic so you can start over?

  • SimonSimon 576 posts

    Thanks for asking nicely. 😄

    Request confirmed.

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