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BetoBeto 783 posts
edited April 17 in Side Projects

Will’s new(ish?) band released their album last week.

It’s REALLY good. Strong SDRE vibe I think, love ‘Supervised Suffering’. Whole album flows real good, hope they make it, or at least last.


  • RiaRia 120 posts

    Yes! i want to listen to the other songs more,it's so good, love 'Supervised Suffering'

  • BetoBeto 783 posts
    edited April 24

    It is. I'm loving the "This lonely choir" + "supervised suffering" combo, one next to the other.

  • Wow, this is a strong record!

  • RiaRia 120 posts

    Yeah! For me it's these two + the next one, ''Set Fire''

    love the vocals

    William posted something that the singer said about him and Dave and added 'Eloquently written Mr. Tamminga'. A part of it: 'The back and forth is useless here. There is album after album proving that both of these men are incredible musicians. That's that. And this is all very old news, dealt with by two very young guys, who are much wiser and different than they were when all of this went down.

    If you need proof of who they are now, go listen to the new Foo Fighters record that just came out. And go listen to the Assertion record that just came out. There you'll have Dave and William both doing what they do best and you can hopefully enjoy something in the present and let the past remain in the past. Seems more peaceful than all the opinions being angrily tossed around anyway. It's music. Art. Self expression. In the end, it all goes right back to that and there's no ''better'' or ''best''. Just people doing what they love to do. '

    That's nice. Hope it goes well for them

  • Great talk with Goldsmith where he sheds some light on the story of SDRE, his departure from music and how Assertion came to be.

    Also, the album is REALLY good! I love how Goldsmith sounds like a man dreaming of what wil be rather than what used to be or what could have been.

  • BetoBeto 783 posts
    edited May 27

    Amazing performance for Spin. Vocals are insanely good.

    A second record is in the works!!!

    I think the embedded window is not working, here it is:


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