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Roanoke Civic Center Tour in 2000 with RHCP in Roanoke, Virginia

RockerStudiosRockerStudios 1 posts
edited April 2021 in Tour Talk

Today I was informed that my parents went to see Foo Fighters perform with Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, Virginia, April 6, 2000. Since most of the photos would've been on film, would anyone know where any of these photos might be located? Checked on the main page, and nothing was there. I'm not expecting any results, but it would be really neat if someone had anything related to it. Thanks!


  • TimTim 194 posts

    lol, the blackbox would've had em

  • TimTim 194 posts

    edit: it did not - i checked - schu , who used to be the website guy, was only on the road for a few weeks in later april into early may on that tour when he took a bunch of photos, posted the setlists, etc.

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