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Fixes, updates and new features - Feb 4th 2020

SimonSimon 576 posts
edited February 2020 in Help & Feedback

Hey guys, you've been finding issues and suggesting fixes the past few days, I've tried to cover as many as possible. If you think I've missed or forgotten about something check this topic for known issues currently - https://foofightersforum.com/discussion/149/list-of-known-issues-bugs-on-the-forum#latest

If it's not there but still present, let me know, I probably did forgot if it was mentioned in a random topic.

Changes - February 4th 2020

  • At the bottom of each topic, under the reply box and next to the buttons are now two links to take you back to the previous category listing or homepage
  • There is also now a hovering 'Back To Top' button which does exactly what it says on the tin, from anywhere on the page, not just the very bottom.
  • Miscellaneous design/layout fixes, primarily making quotes on the dark theme actually dark.
  • Relaxed the requirements for usernames, they can now contain many more character types, spaces, and can also be as short as two characters. This will affect new signups and should also fix the issue where people who currently have 'illegal' usernames couldn't make any changes. If you still have this problem, let me know, also if you want any tweaks to your username. Some that requested it I've already changed.
  • Links to external websites will now open in a new tab. Note however there is an unrelated issue with non-secure links, it's on the to-do list.
  • Polls have been added. You can add a poll to an existing topic by clicking the 'Attach Poll' link at the bottom left of the post. When creating a new topic, there is a similar button just before the buttons.
  • Additional search filters have been added, they can be activated once you've done a normal search. The layout is a bit messy at the moment, but functionally they should all work.
  • This was actually done before, but the foo free sections have been made invisible to unregistered users.
  • A few other things I know I changed, but forgot. Yup, super professional here.

That's about it. As I say, if there is something you brought up not covered here and not in the known issues topic, let me know again here or the other topics.

If some things don't appear to have changed for you, clear your cache for this website/perform a hard refresh (Hold CTRL and press F5).


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