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Mexico City - Summer 2021?

Could be a hypothetical conversation & a location plucked out of the air, but in an upcoming magazine interview, Dave talks about 2021 tour dates being booked but still viewed very tentatively, he mentions getting a call from his manager saying "Hey, d'you wanna play Mexico City next Summer?" and his reply being something like "Fuck it, if it can happen, I'll be there."


  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 3,370 posts

    They're in Europe in June, Canada in July....I wonder if/when they'd do a USA 2021 tour then, if they're considering South America in the summer as well 🤔

  • BetoBeto 735 posts

    Fuckers keep ignoring my city!! Every big act tours at least MXCity - Monterrey - Guadalajara.

    Anyway, I hope they come and play a concert of their own. But that's pretty rare this days. I guess Vive Latino is trying to book them. The festival is around march each year but who know if Covid will displace festival dates next year.

    Anyhoo... I'm not trusting anything, even the vaccine these days. Plus, Mexico's vaccination plan doesn't include ages 18-39 until Q4 of 2021, so planning events is still a little soon IMHO.

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