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Foo Fighters were added today to the final lineup of Jason Sudeikis' fourth annual Thundergong fundraiser this Saturday, benefiting the Steps of Faith Foundation: https://thundergong.org/

The website hasn't been updated showing the band, but the foundation has tweeted a pic of the final event poster with FF as headliners.


  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 3,370 posts

    this is a nice bonus. i'll be watching...if i can

  • It was a pre-recording but of a new performance - they played 'Walk' at 606 and sent it to Thundergong this morning, which was just played to close the event. It was bloody great.

  • It was good! I had forgotten all about it until I a saw a post, luckily it was still up so I played it back!

  • BetoBeto 736 posts

    Just bumped into it.

    The introduction to the band is worth watching as well (2:11:38)

  • RiaRia 119 posts

    It's really good! And yes, such a sweet introduction

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