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2020 rescheduled Van Tour

Poppy4580Poppy4580 919 posts

I’m very doubtful that these rescheduled dates for October and December will go ahead.

I wonder if the guys will do anything at all this year? I’m hoping that they will do a stream show - a July 4th live stream would be amazing.


  • SimonSimon 538 posts

    With how things are in the US in particular, where wearing face masks during a pandemic has somehow become a political issue, I also highly doubt it sadly.

  • Becks12Becks12 923 posts

    I highly doubt it but if they're on, I'm going šŸ˜‚

  • DisbetDisbet 89 posts

    I wish they'd make a decision. On the bright side, 2021 is shaping up to be a great concert year lol

  • lharris92lharris92 880 posts

    and there goes the fall dates.

  • IamBecIamBec 1,203 posts

    Sad times!!

  • It's a pity the Brian Johnson doc revealed a USP for the van tour should it ever go ahead. (of course pre-Covid the interview would've followed the tour so it wouldn't have been a surprise...still.)

  • ah i didn't see it last night as was not near a computer/tv. what was mentioned or is it worth the wait should things go ahead eventually?

  • I mean, it's not a massive deal & once they would've played the first show its not a surprise, BUT - they were playing the van shows in the round so that they could drive the van across the arena floor & right up to the stage, unload, play the set, get back in the van, drive out.

  • FooArchiveFooArchive 95 posts

    There's a piece online about First Avenue adding a George Floyd star to their marquee & while addressing the clubs struggles since COVID it says "What was supposed to be a celebratory year at the club — even the Foo Fighters had booked a surprise gig — has instead found First Ave fighting for its and other venues’ future."

    Which kinda lines up with what the Van Tour announcement alluded too:

    [playing] in arenas this time, because aside from many of those clubs on that 1995 trek having since ceased to exist, squeezing a 2020 FF show into the few that are still around would just be too insane…

    … or would it? Stay tuned for the answer to that question. Or answers…

    The tour would've been Arena shows interspersed with club gigs at the 1995 venues that still existed.

  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 1,379 posts


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