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1995-06-03 - King's College, London, UK (Audience Audio #2 - NEW)

SimonSimon 538 posts

This one is a new source. It was on an unlabelled DAT other than the date, and based on various peoples opinions we believe it was recorded from the private upper balcony area, which is why there isn't much crowd noise. It certainly has very different qualities to the other source.


Foo Fighters

June 3rd, 1995

Kings College, KCLSU Studio Union

London, United Kingdom


unknown > unknown (DAT)


Sony DTC-60ES > Monster SPDIF Cable > SIIG Soundwave 7.0 > Adobe Audition CC 2019 > CDWave 1.98 > flac 1.3.2


DAT(x) > WAV [48khz/16-bit] > FLAC [Level 8]




01. intro

02. This Is A Call

03. I'll Stick Around

04. Winnebago

05. Wattershed

06. For All The Cows

07. Weenie Beenie

08. Butterflies

09. Big Me

10. Podunk

11. Good Grief

12. X-Static

13. Alone + Easy Target

14. Exhausted


94d990fa038774c312a82637223946a8 *01. intro.flac

b8ff954d1431f37e46a3f25fd7f56a05 *02. This Is A Call.flac

b69b9172f05fc188030b3db318ea0143 *03. I'll Stick Around.flac

a50047094d9fcb3e56fc0af2761a7b6d *04. Winnebago.flac

9625fcaf3cdcfab24db63493944df2ff *05. Wattershed.flac

1ea50dc2feb381ff45f405c3562625de *06. For All The Cows.flac

1f632e52c654c65eda45b552a6edbcd6 *07. Weenie Beenie.flac

d79a97e25e72cfad76dea452156f3c23 *08. Butterflies.flac

3fa1539564300138c82b35357bb9f148 *09. Big Me.flac

a5f0fa0e46487e04b3f69436a6f8bcb4 *10. Podunk.flac

543666cfc07f0297d465a76650d686b4 *11. Good Grief.flac

095410d59768384c625cb228c8237609 *12. X-Static.flac

b82bd028235a9603dca6e3c44b5852af *13. Alone + Easy Target.flac

bf122fb8800fd8fefb7252fcb729e5db *14. Exhausted.flac


Brad Collins

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