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Taylor Tribute Concert!

skiffyskiffy 16 posts

Phone just pinged with this

Exciting news and don't imagine I'll be getting much work done on the morning of the 17th!


  • foopammyfoopammy 15 posts

    Yes! I can’t wait! At the dawn of my fanship (2002) I would go to 5-7 concerts per tour. I would buy GA and wait at the venue all day to get “my spot” this was always right in front of Dave’s mic. Now as the years went by I stopped doing this and would just go to one show a tour sitting in the seats. So… I am going back to the old ways for this LA show. I look forward to standing side by side with my Foo family again as we grieve and celebrate our amazing brilliant Taylor. LETS DO THIS! If anyone catches wind of any fan presales or any presales from any offer (credit card, some membership thing whatever) please do share here! Universe… I am getting a GA ticket to this show to be with my rock family. Manifest!!!! It’s on 🖤

  • Huntsy67Huntsy67 40 posts

    Full pitch and 2/3rd seats at Wembley?

    Got to be over 100k tickets available

    Surely il be able to get a ticket for this!

  • skiffyskiffy 16 posts

    20 Million people tried to get Zeppelin tickets for their one-off gig in 2007....

    If I'm one of the 100k I'll count myself extremely lucky!!

  • Huntsy67Huntsy67 40 posts

    Feck !

    I didn't think of it like that

    Maybe I'm far too positive a person

  • foopammyfoopammy 15 posts

    yeah it's going to be tough :( thats why if anyone hears of a fan pre-sale or any pre-sale we should share it here. I will have myself and two friends on the chase at 9am for tickets.

  • I hope some of you were able to get tix. I had everyone at work trying and family as well, no luck for anyone.

    I tried to get accessible tix first, I am not sure what is up with ticketmaster but I can never get accessible tix. I usually just buy what's available and am in pain

    I was in a pretty bad scooter accident (I know kind of ridiculous) and although I don't use a wheelchair my leg can't stay bent for too long. I usually end up standing and walking around for a bit.

    Anyways I hope some of you were lucky enough to get through.

  • foopammyfoopammy 15 posts

    I got one single, and my friend got two way in the back but at least we got em. Now I am on the hunt for a GA ticket. Will pay whatever to anyone that has one but I believe the band has locked them fro any sale above cost (nice move!).

  • skiffyskiffy 16 posts

    Nope, got nothing :-( gutting since I had July 2nd tickets.

    Now constantly reloading Twickets!

    If anyone ends up with surplus tickets let me know pleaaaase!

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