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Following Foo's World Tour? Anyone want to join?

This freaking pandemic has to end someday so I came up with this crazy idea, I came into some money and was thinking about following FF on their next world tour. Curious if anyone has any suggestions on if it might be possible to contact someone from FF world to see if they can assist with obtaining tickets (not looking for a discount necessarily)?

Also wondering if anyone else would be interested in joining me? While I don't think I could get bored seeing the Foo's in every major city in the world, it would be nice to have someone else to travel with.

I am open to any suggestions or recommendation, no matter how crazy! Please chime in ya all....

Follow the Foo Fighter around the world?
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  • Huntsy67Huntsy67 11 posts

    Iv also been lucky with a bit of online gambling and was hoping for kind of the same , at least 3 or 4 cities would be excellent to get to , iv got a 3 month break from work coming up at the end of June 2022 would be incredible if it all worked out

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