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Happy 23rd bday to TCATS

This wonderful, timeless, gateway album came out on this day in 1997. I was in 8th grade. I fell hard for 'Monkey Wrench' when I heard it on the radio. My dad drove me to Best Buy to get the cassette. I wore it out. My mom didn't understand why I liked the screaming ('Wind Up' was oft-rewound and repeated). I then got the CD, then the deluxe CD, then the vinyl. I still have (and am currently wearing) a black t-shirt with the album "molecules" my Granda gave me that year for my birthday.

Cheers to the joy and success this album has provided for all of us, including the band. Now, I shall wake my neighbors and dog by playing 'Enough Space' a little too loud for 8:12 am. :)

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