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Do you think Dave would mind....?

FooFightedFooFighted 1 posts
edited May 1 in General Foo Discussion

So since Dave plays the devil in the Pick of Destiny movie and Jack Black was in that movie Nacho Libre...I was wondering...

Well first lemme give some context:

See some might not know but, masturbating was a taboo before the internet made it where any 12 year old with an internet could possibly jerk off. I think it’s still somewhat but not nearly as “Fuck that jerk up!!!!”

So I’m older from the generation that didn’t grow up with the internet. It got big about 2000 and I was around 23. So my friends were like “jerk off is the ultimate sin!!!!”

And it seems society still has to be that way for those that are older from the older generation.

So: Nacho Libre - not your Liberty (as in jerks don’t have liberty)...Jack Black was in it...Dave was in a movie with Jack Black and was the devil in said movie...so Dave thinks this way.

So I was wondering if he would think it would be ok to shoot myself or maybe OD on pills at his last concert of his next tour or his first concert.


a Dad now lol doesn’t that suck


  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 1,360 posts

    might need to speak to someone about this dude. please don't kill yourself, especially now you're a father. don't be selfish, your kid will need you x

  • That had some unexpected turns.

    Here is a list of phonenumbers that might be helpful to you, please look into this!


  • hoochhooch 313 posts

    What does Dave's opinion on jerking off have to do with his thoughts on suicide? He's probably okay with the former but not the latter. I don't think you're being serious but if you are don't do it, your son needs you, and could blame himself and would probably have all kinds of issues if you checkout like that.

  • StuFighterStuFighter 1,625 posts


    I love you brother. Please don't do anything silly. The world would NOT be a better place without you.

    Stay strong man.

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