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Coulda/Shoulda/Woulda Been Single

If you could go back and have the power to make any of these a single (maybe now is actually the time?!), which would you pick?

Coulda/Woulda/Shoulda been a single.
  1. If you could go back and have the power to make any of these a single, which would you pick?19 votes
    1. Ain't it the Life
    2. Enough Space
    3. Miss the Misery
    4. Make it Right
    5. But, Honestly


  • love me or dielove me or die 18 posts
    edited April 16

    If i get to pick one beside the vote it would be Hey, Johnny Park! How that one was not released a single is beyond me. Maybe not their best song, but by far the biggest hit potential among all their songs released in the nineties.

  • SimonSimon 526 posts

    It was going to be, then they got the deal for X-Files and re-recorded WAY, and used that instead.

  • TimTim 26 posts

    Woof, out of that list maybe Miss the Misery but none of those songs really screamed "hit" to me.

    Off the top of my head, I think of songs like Last Song, In the Clear, Rosemary, Back and forth, Word forward, Summer's end, Halo, Wind Up, and maybe Aurora for the "should've gotten the single/video treatment"

    There's a few others than technically were singles but never got a full promotional push of like playing them on TV appearances or a music video that could've maybe done better (cheer up, the line, stacked, cold day)

    Then again, I might be terrible at this. I thought Best of You was gonna do terribly and Resolve was the huge hit off that album.

  • I had no idea. I would have loved a michel gondry video for that!

  • 02morrij02morrij 44 posts

    Ain't It The Life was the best on the list.

    Dear Rosemary all day long for me


  • SkezzSkezz 1,008 posts

    But, Honestly from that list. Aurora should have been a single

  • hoochhooch 268 posts

    Hey JP and Aurora are my favorite songs by them, definitely should've been singles.

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