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Happy Birthday, Wasting Light

On this date in 2011, which seems like a century ago, the wonderful band delivered this all-timer of an album to the world.

The build-up and teases for the record were fantastic; the low-key dive bar LP rehearsals in SoCal were special; the Letterman performance of the full LP was beautiful; the documentary is still fresh and fun; and the process was fruitful as they made what is, in my opinion, their best album, right up at the top (for me) with There is Nothing Left to Lose.

This led to my favorite Foo show I have been to as well. These songs are so good live. Part of why I love this album is every song actually got played live. I wish they had done the same for every LP, namely 'Echoes...' and 'Concrete + Gold'.

My favorite tracks right away were "Dear Rosemary", "Miss the Misery" and "Arlandria". They are still up there, but I really have grown to love and appreciate the musicality of "Rope" the past couple of years. It is such a cohesive, solid, confident, crunchy and good piece of work from start to finish.

What are your takes on this masterpiece's 9th bday?


  • 02morrij02morrij 47 posts

    This is my favourite Foos album by a distance.

    Dear Rosemary and These Days are masterpieces. 9 / 10

    Bridge Burning, Rope, White Limo, Arlandria, I Should Have Known are absolutely incredible. 8 / 10

    Miss the Misery and Walk, perfect album tracks, I understand why Walk was used a single. 7 / 10

    Back and Forth, OK. 6 / 10

    The only song I'm not fussed on is A Matter of Time. 5 / 10

    Dear Rosemary may well be the most beautiful song the band has ever written. I always think of Aurora and Ain't it the Life in the same category.

  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 3,370 posts

    It's a shame there wasn't a big deal made for the 10 year anniversary of WASTING LIGHT yesterday

  • trevgregtrevgreg 38 posts

    Definitely their best and most consistent release since TCATS and TINLTL, imho. And for good reason.

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